Avoid Viruses

Tips on Avoiding Viruses Online

1. Don’t Install Programs Unless You Trust The Source

If everyone out there followed this advice malware would be almost none existent as they crooks would not be making enough money to keep the scam going. Only install software products from websites you trust. If you do not trust he website don’t install it. Most of the malware out there takes user intervention for the client to install on your computer.

2. Use a Paid Antivirus Client

Free clients do not provide the protection you need online. You need up front live protection, real time updates and a whole round other other tools to really protect your computer online. No free client out there is good enough. I fight with experts in the field all the time about this. I’ve been dealing with viruses since 1999, in the past free clients could get the job done. In today’s world you need to pay for protection to really be secured. Free clients all have a Pro version. If you like the software upgrade to the paid version.

3. Don’t Click on Junk E-mail

Avoid junk e-mail. The see Brittany Spears nude or loose weight now e-mails are scams. Don’t even open it. Just delete the e-mail and move on.

4. Avoid Warez, torrent and porn sites.

The above take up a large share of infected websites. Religious websites also take up a large chunk of infected websites but that is mostly because they are poorly run and easily hacked. In those cases it’s not intentional. However warez, torrent and porn sites have tons of bad viruses intentionally put there to infect computers.

5. Use Only a Credit Card When Ordering Online

Quick Tip for Parents:

Children are naturally more trusting. They need help to protect themselves and the computer. You need to do your part in protecting the computer and limit their use. You should password protect the admin account on the computer as well as your account and create new accounts for the children. Those new accounts should be limited accounts. On a limited account it’s much hard to get a virus as they do not have install permissions. Doing this can really help protect the computer from a virus.

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