Avoid Online Scams

Tips on Avoiding being Scammed online

1. Don’t Trust Any Link

This could be a link a friend sent you in a social profile or a link in an e-mail from your bank or Paypal. Don’t trust any links in an e-mail. Never follow a link in an e-mail if it’s from a source you have an account with like a bank or Payment interface like Paypal or Credit Card. Instead go directly to the website and check the account. Thieves always try to build phishing websites to capture data.

2. Purchase an Antivirus client.

Not a free client. Paid clients have plenty of extra tools such as phishing protection that blocks known bad websites. You are better served with a paid client over a fake client. People will hate on me for saying this but it’s true. I’ve been in the field for well over a decade. I know what I’m talking about.

3. Don’t Click on Link in Junk E-mail

Lot’s of viruses are in these links and even more scams. Avoid them. You did not win anything. There is no make a million over night free simple method. There is no miracle grow your @#$@ pill out there. Avoid it and save your money.

4. If the Online Store Does Not Have a Phone Number Don’t Purchase From Them

Now there are legit stores out there with no phone number online. However those are few and far between. Avoid any online store with no phone number. Even if it’s not a scam, how are you going to get a hold of someone if the product sent is wrong. It’s just not worth it. If a phone number is listed. CALL IT!. This will ensure someone is on the other side. If they won’t answer to take an order you sure as help aren’t going to get support if you get the wrong product.

5. Use Only a Credit Card When Ordering Online

Credit cards have protection when ordering online. If someone steals that credit card number and charges it’s you will not be held liable for the vast majority of the purchases. A debit card is not a credit card. Be safe when ordering online and use a credit card. I myself hate the bastards and feel they are out to cheat you, but at least there are consumer laws to help protect you. Charge it and pay it off right away.

6. Do a Quick Search Online For the Company You are Buying From

It could be something simple like the domain name plus review or looking up the company on BBB. I would still purchase from a company if there are negative reviews. My own website removevirus.org has plenty of negative reviews from idiots who think I actually make viruses. The idea is to find out if the company is a scam. From there on out you can make an informed choice.

7. Don’t Purchase Illegal Items

I should not have to state this but I know plenty of people who were scammed in this area. I was once when I was young and purchased a fake ID online. I of course was scammed. Organized crime flourishes here because they know you are not going to call the cops to report you purchasing an illegal item.

8. Don’t Trust FREE Products

If the product says it’s free or has a free trial I would not trust it. It’s different if it’s software based as almost all software programs have free trials. If it’s a product, just move on and don’t get it. They will say it’s only 5 bucks for shipping but 7 days later you are charged 100 dollars and each month you get charged again and again. It’s just not worth it. Big scams are in the Make money online niche, teeth whitening, weight loss like acciberry and other crap product like penis pills (No I don’t know from experience). Just avoid these fake products and don’t trust the reviews as most are made up. Basically if it’s an ad online and says free, Don’t Trust It.

9. Don’t send money out of the US or even out of Sate unless you know the person well.

Graiglist has millions of these scams. Purchase this car or rent this home for some super cheap price. They will say something like they are in the military or a doctor doing charity work and are out of the country. It’s all crap. Don’t fall for it. Even sending money to Canada is not a smart idea. Person to person transactions have the highest risk of being a scam. Always do your homework. ensure they own the property. Even getting them on the phone does not mean it’s not a scam.

Bottom line is to question everything. Before you make any purchase think to yourself, is this a scam. Do I trust this company or person? If the answer is no then don’t make the purchase or at the very least make more inquiries.

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