How to Use msconfig

How to Use msconfig

The System Configuration manager can be used to manage the programs that auto start when your computer boots.  In most cases malware clients and plenty of other virus threats will be shown here.  You can use the Startup Manager to stop the virus threat from starting when your computer starts.  It can also be used to help locate the file location of the virus so you can delete the virus.

1. Click the Windows Start Button on the Bottom left

2. In the run command box type in “msconfig” with out the quotes and hit enter.

3. Select the Startup Tab as shown below


All the checked boxes in the Startup Item Column means the program will start when the computer boots up.  If you have a virus trace you can un-check the box so the program will not start.  You can also view the file location in the command column and browse to that file trace and re-name or delete the offending file.


So now you can uncheck the virus threats and re-boot your computer.  On boot up they should no longer load and you also now know the location of the virus threats and can delete them.

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