iMac Repair Dallas – Memory Upgrades

Macbook-memory2Computer Repair Dallas can help you run you Mac perfectly and faster by changing the RAM or by upgrading the memory.

Upgrade your Mac’s memory. Free installation with any other service.
Your old memory is returned to you.



iMac Intel

1GB Upgrade 5300 DDR2 $29

2GB Upgrade 5300 DDR2 $49

4GB (2x2GB) 5300 DDR2 $89

8GB (2x4GB) Late 2009+ $119

16GB (2x8GB) Late 2009+ $199


iMac G5

1GB Upgrade $39

2GB (2x1GB) Upgrade $79



Work and Play, Faster
Increase performance on your Mac laptop with fast, tier 1 memory upgrades. All memory carries a lifetime warranty. More memory increases overall machine speed and allows for faster video rendering, photo viewing and application performance.

Free Installation
RAM is installed for free when your Mac is in for any other service.If no other service is being performed, there is a $49 installation fee. Any old RAM from your Mac is returned to you.


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