Laptop not Charging Issue

MacBook Air screen at 90 degree to the keyboard.My laptop is not charging. What do I do?

If your device is not charging then it could have the following issues:

  • Power outlet not giving enough power or faulty power outlet
  • The charging cable could be damaged or faulty
  • The charging port could be damage
  • Software issue
  • Motherboard issue
  • The battery could be damaged

The very first thing you need to do when your laptop is not charging is to check your power outlet to see if it’s faulty by plugging other devices in it and seeing if it works. If the power outlet is good then you should check if there are issues with your laptop’s charging cable. Does it look damaged? Is the laptop’s charging cable have a green light indicator that it’s working properly? If not then there could be issues with your laptop’s charging cable. If there’s nothing wrong with your laptop’s charging cable and adaptor then we can move on to issues with your laptop.

After verifying that your laptop’s charging problem is not caused externally, we need to check for internal factors that could cause this. Before taking your computer apart, make sure that your computer’s battery drivers are updated.

After checking your laptop’s battery driver, check whether your charging port is working or not by using another charger and an amp monitor system. If the laptop is charging after using another charger, then there were issues with the charger and if it isn’t charging your laptop and on the amp, the monitor shows to take no amp at all then it is the issue with the battery or motherboard.

On windows to check the battery life of your laptop, just press the Windows key with X on your laptop’s keyboard. Then you can select windows power shell and select yes to the notification that says allow changes to take place. Then a new window will appear on your laptop. Make sure to type or paste this code into that window
powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery-report.html”
and then press enter.
This will show you where your battery health report is saved.
Go to that folder and check your battery’s report, capacity and estimate.

On apple laptops or mac OS laptops just go to the apple icon on the top left-hand corner of the screen.
Select About this Mac.
Click on system report at the bottom of the new window pop up.
Go to power on the left-hand column of the new pop up window.
Check your battery cycle and health.
If your battery cycle is less than 500-600 then it is good, otherwise, you might need to get your battery replaced.

To check whether your laptop has motherboard issues, take it to a certified laptop repair shop near you and let the professionals handle that for you.