Graphics Card Issues

Macbook Pro on a white background with lid open at 90 degree and black screen with no display.The graphics processing unit(GPU) is one of the most essential chips and hardware components in the computer system because it helps create the visual that we see and interact with the computer with as users through manipulating and altering the memory. The most common symptoms of a GPU failure include weird lines and resolutions on the screen, intermittent restarts and shutdowns, computer lags and freezes when playing games and computer not turning on at all in the worst case, etc. There are many people who have a GPU failure because of overheating and irregular power fluctuations. We have seen many people come to our store saying they were just playing games or editing a video and then their computer shut down and they can’t open it again. Because GPU takes control of the heavy graphics processing in the computer, whenever graphics-heavy work is given to the computer then the GPU processes more and hence overheats sometimes causing the cooling paste on the graphics card to dry up and due to this the GPU experience failures. We understand how awful and counterproductive it is when your computer is not working because of a GPU failure. So, PC Service Dallas offers you with Laptop GPU replacement services where we take out the faulty GPU from the motherboard and replace it with the new GPU. We have a team of certified technicians who have years of experience handling any kind of repair problems related to graphic cards, so rest assured your laptop will be ready to game or perform heavy graphics rendering work in no time.

We understand that the computer is an essential part of your daily school and business/work. We want to keep your computer running well so that you can go back to your daily life. Our certified professionals will fix your computer on the same day in most cases.