Reliable Laptop Screen Replacement near white rock


Are you looking for a reliable place to repair your laptop? PC Service Dallas is the best in town for PC repair services. Our highly-skilled technicians will professionally repair your laptop computers. We provide a limited-term warranty and provide service and support within the warranty period. We use quality parts on your laptop and repair it within same day in most cases. We are located near white rock. Give us a call now for a free quote for your device. We understand that the computer is an essential part of your daily school and business/work. We want to keep your computer running well so that you can go back to your daily life. Our certified professionals will replace your screens to get your computer working just the way it was.

Reliable Laptop Screen Replacement nearwhite rock | BEST LCD SCREEN REPLACEMENT

Services that we provide:

  1. Reliable Laptop LCD screen replacement
  2. Reliable Samsung Laptop screen replacement
  3. Reliable All in on laptop LCD screen replacement
  4. Reliable laptop screen replacement
  5. Reliable MacBook Air® LCD screen replacement
  6. Reliable MacBook Pro® LCD screen replacement

PCserviceDallas technician hand holding a broken iPad screen with a flex on the bottom right

When do you need the LCD Screen Replacement Service?

  • Bleeding LCD|LED: If your device has distorted lines or LCD colors are out of place, there might be some damage to your LCD or LED screen. Our certified technicians will professionally replace the screen on your computer.
  • Cracked Screen: Life happens and so does accidents. Whoever or whatever the reason for your cracked LCD screen, we will fix it. No matter how bad your LCD is cracked, we will replace it for you and get your computer’s screen functional in time for you.
  • Black Spots on screen: If you have any black spots on the screen, it might be due to pressure on the screen or broken LCD. We will be happy to assist you with the screen replacement.


At PC Service Dallas, We recognize that there is nothing more annoying and counterproductive than a broken computer in the middle of your work or school. These problems could drastically impact your productivity and bring your mood down. Our technicians are equipped with advanced skills and resources to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. We provide efficient, reliable and affordable services on time. Any type of problem with your electronic devices just gives us a call to get started on repairs fast. 

We tirelessly try to help our clients with their technological problems. We are located at an easy to find physical address by the Dallas downtown. Our main mantra is helping people. Our core value is to provide our clients with trust and ease to use our services anytime. We dedicate energy and resources to understand our client’s requirements and needs to better serve our clients. 


Why choose our services?

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We want you to be satisfied with our services. We go above and beyond to make sure your requirements are met. No questions, no hassle just work done the right away.
  2. Limited Warranty: We provide our clients with a limited-term warranty on the repairs. If your device has the same problem again, we will fix it at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
  3. Price Guaranteed: We provide the best service at the lowest price in all Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We get our replacement part directly from manufacturers and pass on the savings to our clients.
  4. Expert Technicians: Our technicians are certified by CompTIA, Microsoft, Apple. We pride ourselves with 10+ years of work experience in the industry. Our technicians are a few of the best you can find in Dallas.
  5. No Unpleasant Surprises: We don’t damage your data in any way. We will evaluate your problem and discuss any potential risks with the repair process. If you wish to have your data backed up before the repair, we can do that too.
  6. Clear Communication: You don’t want someone speaking in a computer language to you. You deserve to have a conversation in plain English. Our technicians talk in plain English to make sure you understand everything clearly.

MacBook Air screen at 90 degree to the keyboard.

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We also provide PC Computer repair, laptop notebook repair, smartphone repair, and all kinds of computer repair services near white rock

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Q: I have a Samsung notebook laptop with a cracked screen, how much time does it take to change the screen?
A: Samsung notebook’s screens can be repaired in an hour or so but we will need to know the model number of your notebook. If you can give us a call with the details or bring your notebook to the store we will be glad to help you out.

Q: How to know if the LCD of my screen is broken?
A: If your laptop is turning on but there are black spots or discolored areas on the display. If your touch functions of a touchscreen laptop are not working then you know your LCD is broken.

Q: How much will it cost for a screen replacement?
A: The price for screen replacement varies from what type of device it is and which brand the device is. If you can give us a call or bring your device to our store we can get you a price on how much it will cost for a screen replacement.

Q: Do you guys have a guarantee on the screen replacement?
A: We don’t have a guarantee but we do provide a warranty of 90 days from the repair finished date for all screen replacement services.

Q: What does your warranty services provide?
A: All the manufacturing defects on the screen that we install will be covered by the warranty but it doesn’t cover any accidental damages like drops, liquid damage, damage due to pressure on the screen. All our repairs are reliable and are covered by warranty.

Q: I can’t see the display of my laptop, it is too dim. What could be the problem?
A: You can try fixing the display issue by trying to turn the brightness on, if it still doesn’t resolve the issue then we’re going to have to further diagnose the device because a dim display can be caused by a loose flex or a motherboard issue or graphic card issue.

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