iMac Repair Service

iMac operating system repair dallas texasAre you looking to get your iMac repaired in Dallas? If so, we can help you get your iMac repaired. iMac not turning on? We can fix that for you. iMac displaying white screen with a question mark folder? We can fix that as well. Just give us a call at 469-778-4130 or visit PC Service Dallas to get your iMac diagnosed and repaired. Our iMac repair experts are always ready to help you resolve any issues you might have with your iMac.

Apple iMac models : A1862, A2115, A1419, A1312,A1418,A1311, A1225, A1200, A1224, A1207, A1208, A1174, A1173, A1076, A1058.

iMac models can be categorized into iMac 17″, iMac 20″, iMac 24″, iMac 21.5″ and iMac 27″. The newer and most commonly used iMac is the iMac 21.5″ and the iMac 27″ which have both Retina and Non-Retina models.

iMac 21.5″

iMac repair service dallas

The 21.5″ iMac has an aluminum body and was first introduced in the Late 2009. With its sleek design, it revolutionized the computing world and the 21.5″ iMac is still being produced by Apple as opposed to it’s 20″, 17″ and 24″ iMac models. The iMac 21.5″ has both Retina and Non-Retina models and the retina models have a 4K display. If you have any issues with your iMac 21.5″ model, then give us a call detailing the model number and the year of your iMac and set an appointment with us or stop by PC Service Dallas with your iMac 21.5″ model and get your iMac diagnosed and repaired.

iMac 27″

iMac not turning on repair service dallas

The 27″ iMac was introduced in Late 2009 and also has an aluminum body. One of the popular iMacs with its widescreen frame. The iMac 27″ also has both Retina and Non-Retina lineup of models. The Retina models of 27′ iMac have 5K Retina Display as well. Let us know if you have any issues with your iMac 27″ model, we can help you solve those issues. Our certified iMac repair experts have years of experience in performing repair service on iMac 27″ and have faster repair turn around time. Give us a call with your iMac 27″ model number and year and we can help you right away or bring your iMac 27″ to our Dallas store and get it diagnosed and repaired.


iMac LCD Replacement


When we talk about iMac, we cannot forget about the Retina display, 4K display or the  5K display. Yes, the display on the iMac is great, and everything that is displayed on the iMac screen is projected by the iMac LCD. So, if your LCD gets physical damage or if the connecting cable of the LCD is damaged then your iMac will not be able to give you the display. Don’t worry we can help you get your iMac LCD fixed. PC Service Dallas provides the best LCD Replacement Service in Dallas. We have a team of iMac repair experts who have years of experience in fixing all kinds of issues related to iMac including repairing and replacing the LCD of the iMac.

iMac Screen Replacement

iMac Retina LCD Replacement Dallas

Having a broken screen on an iMac can look really bad and will make it difficult for you to see the contents on the iMac screen. PC Service Dallas provides an iMac screen replacement service in Dallas. Give us a call detailing the model number of your iMac and we will get your iMac screen ready for you.  However, in the newer models of iMac the screen and the LCD are not separate but joined together to give you that slim look. If you want to get your iMac screen Replaced for the newer models then you will have to replace the LCD as well since they are both adjoined.


iMac Hard Drive Replacement


Hard drives are mechanical storage media used to store data into a computer. It is reliable than their other counterparts like floppy and CDs but hard drives have a fault of their own. Since the hard drive has lots of moving parts that need to work in unison to read and write data, they are more susceptible to break down after a few years of usage. Don’t worry, we can help. PC Service Dallas provides iMac hard drive replacement services in Dallas. Our expert iMac technicians have years of experience in replacing hard drives on all models of iMac, so rest assured your iMac is in the right repair hands.


iMac SSD Replacement


Aside from hard drives, SSDs have become a more popular option when it comes to getting storage media for your iMac because SSDs are significantly faster than Hard drives, consume less power than a hard drive and are more reliable than a hard drive because in the SSDs all the processing, reading and writing of data is done electronically rather than mechanically. We can help you get your iMac storage upgrade done. We provide an SSD replacement service in Dallas. Just give us a call detailing your iMac model number and we can give you an exact quote for your SSD replacement service or bring your iMac to our Dallas location and have one of our certified Mac technicians install an SSD into your iMac.

iMac Question mark Folder Sign Repair

iMac question mark folder repair Dallas

Is your iMac showing a white screen with a question mark folder? If so then it means that your iMac is unable to boot OS X. This could be because of various reasons like bad hard drive, corrupted OS X, bad connection cable, etc. Don’t worry if you have this issue with your iMac, our certified iMac repair technicians can help you fix all your iMac issue including iMac displaying a Question mark sign on a folder. Set an appointment with us by giving us a call regarding your iMac issues and model number or visit our Dallas location with your iMac to get your iMac Question Mark Folder Sign Display Repaired.

Slow iMac Repair

slow-imac-repair-serviceiMac is not made to perform slow, but if your iMac is performing really slow then it could be because of either software or hardware related issues. Software issues like incompatible OSX, malware, viruses, etc could be the reason your iMac is slow or it could be due to hardware issues like failing hard drive, RAM issue, graphics card issue, etc. Bring your iMac to us so we can diagnose why your iMac is slow and provide you the proper repair and upgrade solutions to make your slow iMac perform fast again. Call us to set an appointment with one of our certified experts today!!

iMac OS X Upgrade


OS X is the Mac operating system through which we can interact with our iMacs. Like any Apple computer, iMac also uses the OSX as a user interface system. OSX has been used for a long time and with time comes different updates and versions. According to the model number and the year of release different iMacs have different OSX they are compatible with and if another OSX is used that is not compatible with that model of iMac then your iMac could experience Kernel Panic. The newer OSX has new features so you want to update to the latest OSX. Don’t worry if you don’t have the new OSX we can help you get your iMac to the latest OSX it is compatible with. Just give us a call with your iMac model number and bring your iMac to our Dallas store to get your iMac OSX Upgrade today.

iMac Power supply Repair

iMac not turning on repair service dallas

Power Supply in iMac is the main component of the iMac that supplies power to all the other components of the iMac. If you’re having issues with your iMac power supply then it is most likely that your iMac is not turning on or your iMac could be restarting frequently. Don’t worry we can solve this problem for you. PC Service Dallas provides an iMac power supply repair service in Dallas. Give us a call to set an appointment with one of our certified iMac repair specialist and have them diagnose your iMac to figure out what’s causing the power supply on your iMac to not work correctly or just walk into our Dallas store to get your iMac diagnosed and repaired.

iMac GPU freezing Repair

imac graphic card error repair DallasiMac are powerful machines that can be used to do any kind of computing work and that is the reason why people use iMac to perform graphics-heavy work. If you perform graphics-heavy work on your iMac that your iMac cannot handle, then your iMac will start to overheat. If your iMac does overheat then it will dry out the thermal paste that is used to cool your iMac GPU which will cause your iMac to show graphics issues. If not taken care of at an early stage the overheat could also damage your logic board and completely destroy your graphics card and could make your iMac not display anything. Don’t worry no matter what the issue with your iMac is, we can help you get it fixed including your GPU issue. PC Service Dallas provides iMac GPU restoration and replacement services for all models of iMac. To get your iMac GPU repaired, give us a call to set an appointment with us or visit our Dallas store to get your iMac diagnosed and repaired.

iMac Memory upgrade

Slow iMac memory upgrade service

To get a fast performance on iMac, RAM is one of the most important components that could make that happen for your iMac. In most iMac the RAM is upgradable. PC Service Dallas provides iMac Memory Upgrade service in Dallas that lets you upgrade the RAM on your iMac to its maximum potential. Let us diagnose your iMac and provide you with the memory upgrade options for your iMac. Give us a call and let us know your iMac model number and how much RAM you want your iMac memory upgraded to and we can help you get it upgraded. You could also bring your iMac to our Dallas location and have one of our iMac repair specialists perform iMac memory upgrade service on-site.

iMac 4TB SSD Upgrade

If you want a fast iMac with a large storage space then contact us PC Service Dallas provides SSD Upgrade services for iMac up to 4TB of storage. SSDs are the most advanced and safest technology to store your data in. The best storage option for your iMac is provided by the best iMac repair shop in Dallas. Let us help you get your iMac up to speed.

We also provide services for other Apple Mac devices other than iMac such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Why Choose Our iMac Repair Services?

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We want you to be satisfied with our services. We go above and beyond to make sure your requirements are met. No questions, no hassle just work done the right away.
  2. Limited Warranty: We provide our clients with a limited-term warranty on the repairs. If your device has the same problem again, we will fix it at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
  3. Price Guaranteed: We provide the best service at the lowest price in all Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We get our replacement part directly from manufacturers and pass on the savings to our clients.
  4. Expert Technicians: Our technicians are certified by CompTIA, Microsoft, Apple. We pride ourselves with 10+ years of work experience in the industry. Our technicians are a few of the best you can find in Dallas.
  5. No Unpleasant Surprises: We don’t damage your data in any way. We will evaluate your problem and discuss any potential risks with the repair process. If you wish to have your data backed up before the repair, we can do that too.
  6. Clear Communication: You don’t want someone speaking in a computer language to you. You deserve to have a conversation in plain English. Our technicians talk in plain English to make sure you understand everything clearly.Get Free Computer Repair Quote Near Dallas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Which iMacs can be upgraded?

A: There are several models of iMacs that can have hardware upgrades and software upgrades.

Q: How much does it cost to replace the iMac hard drive?

A: It depends on the model of iMac you have and what amount of storage you want for your iMac.

Q: Can I replace my iMac hard drive with SSD?

A: Yes, we can replace your iMac hard drive with the SSD to the storage capacity of SSD you want.

Q: How much does it cost to upgrade iMac to SSD?

A: The cost of the upgrade on iMac depends on the amount of storage you want on your iMac and the model of your iMac.

Q: Can you upgrade a 2011 iMac?

A: Yes, depending on what sort of upgrade you want, we can help upgrade your 2011 iMac.

Q: Is SSD better than a fusion drive?

A: It depends on what sort of work you want to do on your iMac. Do you want faster performing at a cheaper price or want faster performance and storage?

Q: How do I restore my iMac after replacing a hard drive?

A: To restore your iMac after replacing a hard drive, make sure to install an OSX on your iMac.

Q: Will an SSD make my iMac faster?

A: Yes, an SSD will make your iMac faster.

Q: How much RAM can a 2009 iMac take?

A: It depends on the model of iMac, the RAM upgradability changes.

Q: How long does it take to restore an iMac?

A: It depends on hat kind of restore are you trying to do. Are you trying to restore your files from the time machine or are you trying to restore to a new OSX?

Q: Can I restore from Time Machine to a new computer?
A: If you attach your old hard disk that contains the backup of the time machine and hold the option key and select the Time machine menu and follow the instructions, you can restore from Time Machine to a new computer.

Q: How do I install a new hard drive in my iMac?

A: To install a new hard drive in your iMac, take the iMac screen out of the iMac and take out your old hard drive and screws and disconnect the SATA cable and power cable from old hard drive to a new one and screw the new hard drive into the iMac.

Q: Why is my new iMac so slow?

A: Your new iMac could be slow because of low RAM memory or if it has a mechanical hard drive installed on it or it has an incompatible OSX. We can help determine your iMac issues and provide the proper repair solution for your iMac.

Q: Should I upgrade RAM or SSD?

A: Depending on the type of work you do, you should upgrade either the RAM or the SSD.

Q: How can I speed up my iMac?

A: The ways to speed up your iMac is to upgrade RAM, upgrade to SSD, get compatible OSX system, check graphics card and repair it, etc.

Q: Do iMac need antivirus?

A: Yes, nowadays even iMac needs antivirus because iMac also are susceptible to virus infection.

Q: How To Repair iMac Hard Drive?

A: Hard drives once they start failing are not recommended to be repaired and used because failing hard drive create bad sectors in the hard disk which will eventually delete data.

Q: How To Repair The iMac Power Supply?

A: To repair the power supply on the iMac, we need to diagnose what is causing the power supply issue then if that is due to hardware and software components, repair it.

Q: Are iMac Easy To Repair?

A: If you have the knowledge on iMac it is easy to repair. If you don’t, we can help you repair your iMac. We provide iMac repair services.

Q: Can I Repair My iMac?

A: Yes you can, you just need to have the proper toolset, ESD precautions, and knowledge on iMac repair that you want to perform. If you don’t have any of the following, give PC Service Dallas a phone call. We provide an iMac repair service.

Q: Can You Repair An iMac?

A: Yes, we can repair iMac. We provide iMac repair services.

Q: How Much Does iMac Repair Cost?

A: The cost of an iMac repair depends on the type of repair you want and the model number of the iMac.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Repair An iMac Screen?

A: Cost of iMac screen repair depends on the model of the iMac. Give us a call and we can provide you the exact price for your model of iMac.

Q: How Much To Get An iMac Screen Repaired Apple Care?

A: The price depends on the model of the iMac screen you want to get repaired.

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