iMac Repair Dallas – Logic Board Repair

imac logic boardComputer Repair Dallas repairs power, video, heat, sound and sleep problems.
We can also repair issues due to a liquid spill.


Common Symptoms of Logic Board Failure:

  • Distorted Video
  • Freezing
  • Power issues
  • Bad Ram slots
  • Non Functioning Ports
  • Minor Liquid Damage
  • Over heating
  • Wireless Issue
  • Audio problem
  • Sleep issue
  • Fan issue
  • Kernal panic



  • iMac Intel (Silver Casing)  $599
  • iMac Intel (White Casing) $499
  • iMac G5 $399


Quality Logic Board Repairs
Bring your Mac back to proper functionality with a iMac logic board repair from Computer repair dallas. The logic board is the main board where most of the components on your Mac live. We also perform iMac power supply repairs. Computer repair dallas technicians use the latest tools and quality components to repair your Mac.


Tested and Certified
All logic board repairs are extensively tested and come with a 6 month warranty. Some logic board repairs may require longer testing periods to re-create original problems and certify the repair after the service is complete. Average turnaround is 3 business days after arrival at computer repair dallas, however some iMac repairs may take longer to complete.



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