iMac® Not Turning On Repair

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If your iMac® is not functioning correctly, PC Service Dallas is the best place to repair your iMac®. We have certified Apple Technicians who can work professionally on iMac®s to restore it back. We replace failing hard disk drive with SSDs on iMac®s, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and Mac Pros. We also provide screen replacement, logic board/ motherboard repair, wifi repair services for iMac®. Furthermore, if you have any problems with your software, we install new Operating systems for your iMac®, remove virus and malware from you iMac®. Give us a call for any kind of problems with your iMac®s.


Common queries:

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  • iMac® OS repair
  • iMac® RAM upgrade
  • iMac® Hard Disk Installation service
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  • iMac® fusion drive repair
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  • iMac® tune up services.
  • iMac® data recovery
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iMac® services that we provide:

  • iMac® Power supply failure: If you are tired of trying to turn on your iMac® but it doesn’t respond at all. The problem could be coming from the iMac® power supply. Common causes of iMac® power supply failure are electric interference like lightning, power spikes causing voltage fluctuation. Overheating and ventilation blockage could cause power supply failure in you iMac®s too. Whatever the problem we can repair your iMac® and get it back to life.
  • iMac® CPU fan/heat sink failure: iMac®s have high processing powers and advanced graphics rendering features. When the CPU is processing too much, it produces heat in an enormous amount, the heatsink and the fan together work to cool down the iMac®. If there is any problems with the heatsink or fan on your iMac®, it will cause damage to you iMac® internally because of overheating. If you hear your iMac® fan spinning more than normal, get it to a technician for cleaning and service.
  • iMac® Motherboard failure: If there is a motherboard failure, the iMac® will not turn on at all or even if it did it would just show system error codes and reboot. The motherboard contains most of the processing components of the iMac® and if the motherboard fails then the processors cannot process hence the computer will not respond.
  • iMac® Graphics Card Failure: Graphic card failure will result in very abnormal problems in your iMac® like random shutdowns, no boots, boot failure, slow computer, etc. Don’t worry, our apple certified technicians will professionally diagnose the problems with the iMac® and fix it.


PC Service Dallas is an industry-leading pioneer in affordable and quality computer and smartphone repair. We offer technical support for both hardware and software problems on a computer. We repair all kinds of desktop, laptop, notebook, tablets, smartphones, and many other devices. All our services are designed to be convenient, hassle-free, affordable to our clients for a suitable repair experience. You can bring your device to us at our convenient location, or you can choose to get a home service. We will either come to your house and fix it there or bring the device back, fix it and deliver it back to your house. Give us a call about your device, we will fix your appliance in no time.

We have been working in the computer repair sector for a long time and have gained skills and gathered resources to tackle any problems. Our technicians are certified by Apple, CompTIA, Microsoft and have years of experience in computer repair and the IT industry. Whatever the problem, we are ready to give you a speedy repair. We have a turnaround time of 1 business day in most cases. No wait times or appointment hassles. Just give us a call and we will be with your right away.  


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Why choose our services?

  1. No Geek Speak: We always speak in plain simple language free of jargon to communicate effectively with our clients. Our technicians are trained to provide analogies, clear explanatory terms to relay information to our clients, so we are on the same page.
  2. Data Privacy: We handle your data with the utmost respect. Your devices have all your information like photos, videos, relevant documents, financial reports. When you bring in your device, you trust us with all your essential data. We keep up to your trust and don’t access or store your data unless requested.
  3. Fast & Affordable: Our mission is to help our clients to the best we can. We often even go out of our way to help our clients in case of need. Our services are the fastest, and rates are most competitive in the DFW area.
  4. Certified Experts: Our technicians are certified by CompTIA, Apple, and Microsoft validating their skills and competence. Our technicians know what they are doing and get the job done systematically.
  5. Overall IT Services: If you need more than just one service, we are here for you. We offer various hardware, software, network, and security services for our clients at very competitive rates.
  6. Warranty: We strive to provide a hassle-free service to our clients. We use the highest standard repair parts in the industry and avoid Electro Static Discharge damages by following proper ESD precaution in our repair shop. Our technicians are grounded while repairs to prevent any accidental injuries to your device. So, We are confident about our repairs and cover our repair parts with 3 months warranty to share our confidence with our clients.


We also provide PC Computer repair, laptop notebook repair, smartphone repair, and all kinds of computer repair services in Dallas.

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Q: How do I run a diagnostic on my Mac?
A: Disconnect all external devices except the keyboard and mouse. Shutdown the iMac®. When turning it on Press and hold ‘D’ on you keyboard immediately after you press the power button.

Q: How can I make my old iMac® faster?

A: Quit all the programs that you are not actively using. Reboot your iMac® to refresh the memory of your iMac®. Transfer data from your hard disk drive to an external hard disk drive. Further, you can install a SSD on your old iMac® to get it faster. At PC Service Dallas, we install SSDs professionally.

Q: Will restoring my iMac® make it faster?

A: Restoring your iMac® can make it faster if the problem is coming from the software. However, if you have a failing hard disk drive or bad RAM, this won’t help.

Q: Does my iMac® need antivirus?
A: iMac®s usually don’t need antivirus but as the popularity of iMac®s are growing. There are more viruses made to target macOS. So, its a good idea to install an antivirus to be protected from all kind of viruses.

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