How to repair my MacBook Pro

Repairing a MacBook Pro is not as easy as repairing a normal laptop or PC. This is possibly a difficult task because all the hardware that comes installed in the MacBook Pro is virtually untouchable unless you pry open the laptop and get started with the repairs. Normally, you could take your laptop for a laptop repair and let the big boys handle all your problems as their own. However, in the case of a MacBook Pro, it is extremely difficult for repairmen to repair the device and it becomes frustrating for you over time. That is exactly why this small guide with easy steps will be your manual for an easy session of MacBook Pro repair.

1) Open the MacBook Pro
Opening the MacBook Pro is quite different as compared to another laptops and it usually needs a strong observation and calm hands when you take it upon yourself to fix the MacBook Pro. In the first step, you should carefully unscrew the entire MacBook Pro. All screw are located at all four sides of the laptop and are extremely easy to spot. Once you unscrew the laptop, you should flip it on its back when placing on a desk or other flat surface. Remember to keep empty space on all four sides of the laptop so as to work without the danger of losing the screws or misplacing any of its equipment.


2) Replace the hardware that needs repair.
Normal laptops can have modifications to their current hardware and with ease, you can repair the laptop without changing the hardware at all. However, when you are in the process of a MacBook pro repair, you have to be certain that you have a replacement for your hard disk, battery and ram. The battery takes a long time to die out and need replacement but the hard disk’s life varies on your usage. Same is the case with your RAM. The MacBook pro’s malfunctioned hardware needs to be taken out, which doesn’t need much help in removal, and then replaced with the new hardware that you have bought for replacement.


3) Close the MacBook pro
Closing the MacBook is only as difficult as opening it. The MacBook Pro needs more care than a normal computer repair or laptop repair would so you must pay extreme attention when replacing the hardware, screwing back all the screws in the right slots and firmly placing the MacBook Pro on its base.


4) Check your MacBook Pro immediately
Once you’re done closing your MacBook Pro, you should open it as you always do and check if your replacement is working appropriately. If so, you have successfully repaired your MacBook Pro and all you need to do now is to enjoy the device like you normally do.

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