Many of our customers ask what they can do for preventative maintenance.

First, and foremost don’t bother wasting your money on registry cleaners and PC speedup software. We can’t tell you how many computers we see that are absolutely the slowest machines, we have ever seen and they have speedup programs installed on them.

Second, defragmenting your computer is rarely necessary these days. Most new computers don’t even need it to be done because they keep their directory structured fairly clean as well the operating system have automatic defragmentating schedule.

Third, when you install programs make sure you read carefully what you are installing. Many programs come with all sorts of “Free” marketing software. These stuff are really bulky and nearly guaranteed to bring your system to a grinding halt.

Finally, if you do feel your computer is slow, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You may pay $80 to get it speed up. But trust us, you will enjoy your computer a lot more, when you see how much better it runs.

It’s also a good idea to dust out the inside of your computer with a can of air.


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