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Is your PC (Personal Computer) giving you problem again? You just have no idea what to do? Well, we are glad that you have found us. We are the Number 1 Company in Singapore for providing PC Computer Repair services, laptop notebook repair, MacBook Pro repair and computer repair services in Singapore. We understand how frustrating it can be when you just want to get a task done or surf the internet over your free time and you are just not able to use PC because it has broken down. Don’t worry; we are here to help out.

How we can help in Repairing your PC Computer?

With more than 10 years of experience in repairing PC computer, no job is too hard for us. We strive to exceed our clients expectations and getting the repair job done as soon as possible so you can get back to using the PC computer to complete your task as soon as possible.

You will be advised of the actual PC Computer Repair charge before the job is agreed upon and if there are any replacements needed, we will advise you accordingly on the cost of replacement and any alternative solutions.

What are the different ways we can Repair your PC Computer in Singapore?

  • On-site repair
    We will do our best to repair your PC computer on-site at your place the fastest possible after diagnosing the probpc-repair1lem. You can have your PC computer up and running at the optimal level without ever carrying that bulky PC computer casing out. Just wait at home for our scheduled arrival.
  • Off-site Repair
    In the event that the task proves too challenging, we would have to take your PC computer back to our workplace to further diagnose the problems and fix them. We will inform you of the appropriate cost and the time frame where you can expect us to return your PC back to you. Note that we will update on your PC computer Repair progress on any new developments.
  • What are the common reasons why you need us to Repair your PC Computer?

    There are several problems that can happen to your PC computer that you require us to take a look, let us list some of the most popular ones. If the problem you are facing is not in here, no worries, we are still able to diagnose the problem and fix your PC computer back to its original condition.

    Some of the common reasons why our clients engage us are:

    • The PC computer just hangs
      Yes, this can be really annoying, just when you are about to save your work and this happens and now the mouse or the keyboard just does not seem to work. And worst, you do not know if the work you have done will be automatically saved.
    • LCD Screen blanks out
      It seems like your PC computer is working but your LCD monitor is blank and there is no display. We will be able to diagnose and replace either the LCD or the graphics chip if necessary.
    • PC Crash
      Your PC computer just shuts down and you are not able to switch it back on. It seems like the power is not working or something is wrong somewhere. No matter how many times you press the start button, nothing seems to work.
    • CD/DVD Drive problem
      The DVD drive just does not seem to slide out when you press open. We can source for the right DVD drive model that fits into your PC computer so you can start playing your long awaited DVD movie real soon.
    • PC Lagging
      Just waiting for a web page to load or opening a new folder takes you forever that you wish you could throw away the entire PC. It can be really frustrating especially if you are rushing for time. Let us help you to optimize the performance of your PC and throttle it back to speed again.
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  • Blue Screen
    Ok, you restart the PC computer and it comes back on, but it’s a “BLUE” screen. No matter what you do, this irritating color seems to populate your whole screen and you so hate the color blue for a moment.
  • Retrieve lost data
    You have accidentally deleted your valuable photos, video, documents and worst still, they are no longer in the recycle bin. We would advise you to stop whatever you are doing and contact us immediately to prevent them from being overwritten on the hard disk. We do provide data recovery services too. We will use state of the art software to try to recover those important files from your PC, even if your hard disk has crashed too.
  • Error pop up window
    There is a pop up window that says “Error” and all the extremely technical words which you have completely no idea what it means and of course what to do. Well, we know how that feels, sometimes the computer really thinks that everyone is an expert.
  • Virus or spyware intrusion
    Somehow, whenever you surf the internet, you are being redirected to anotherwebpage, and your PC computer performance slows down tremendously. There are lots of pop up advertisement that invites you to sign up for something or register, etc. This could be because your PC is infected with a Virus or Spyware, let’s get rid of that bug fast. We will also advise a suitable anti-virus software so that this will not happen again.
  • PC is so hot
    You touched the PC casing and got a shock when you realize you can probably cook an egg there. It’s best to contact is soon as your PC might be overheating. We can diagnose the problem fast and advise according if you need to change the heat sink or the cooling fan. Please don’t wait till it explodes.
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Why you should engage us for your PC Computer Repair in Singapore?

At BytesPC, we strive to get your PC Computer back to tip top condition at the lowest cost possible. We will seek the most cost effective way in repairing your computer. For any parts that require replacement, we will source for the most suitable and value parts and will always seek your opinion before proceeding with the replacement. We are transparent in what we do and will always update you with the progress of your PC Computer Repair should we need to bring your PC back to our office.

Contact us and let us show you how we can work for you to repair your PC computer right away.


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