If you have a Mac, We can also help you with setup and repair. Macs are great machines but sometimes they run into issues and that’s where We can help. If you just got a shiny new Mac computer you may not be familiar with how to use them or how to set them up. We can help you transfer your data over from your old computer and even find equivalent Mac programs that do the same thing as PC programs.

If you’re having hardware trouble, We can also replace Mac hard drives, and re-install their operating systems.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Mac there are several things you should know. First, new apple computers are about double the price of comparable PCs. Second, they have a different operating system from PCs, so you will need to learn something new. Also keep in mind, that some of your programs you use on a PC won’t work on a mac. If it’s just the mac hardware you are in love with, but you don’t really care about the operating system, We can also install windows on a mac and make it so it has both operating systems on it.

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