Many times when our customers have laptops they break the screen and think it’s time to get a new laptop. Most of the time a broken screen is an easily fixable problem that we can repair in an afternoon. All we have to do is take out your old screen and replace it with a new screen. And best of all it’s not too terribly expensive to do.

If your laptop won’t come on at all, many times it doesn’t mean your laptop is completely gone. All you have to do is take out the battery on the bottom and try plugging it directly into the wall without the battery in. This usually resets the laptop and makes it run normally afterwords.

If your laptop boots up but gives you an error before it gets into windows, this is usually indicative of a bad hard drive. Don’t panic about losing your data. Most of the time when a hard drive is beginning to fail we can actually copy most of your data files off before total hard drive failure. Afterwords, we can replace your hard drive and give you a new one. If you’re interested in an upgrade you can even have us put in a solid state hard drive, that runs much faster than a normal hard drive.

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