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When Windows breaks, call us!
Your computer is much more than the circuits, wires, and interesting spinny bits inside your case. It’s a teeming, moving, changing ecosystem of software, each fighting for its share of limited resources. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that conflicts and issues can arise. When you have products made by multiple companies with multiple goals, you’re bound to have issues crop up.

These software problems can be particularly bad if you’re trying to upgrade your programs. There is always a risk that something that used to play nice with your other software suddenly decides to break once it’s upgraded. Computer repair dallas technicians have been doing Windows upgrades since the days of 3.1, and Mac OS upgrades since the only color Macs displayed was green. With that much experience, they’ve grown a sixth sense about which drivers and which programs have potential to break or stop working whenever a new piece of software or an upgrade is added to the mix.

Sometimes, though, it’s not enough to simply upgrade your programs. Perhaps a nasty virus has done major damage to your computer, or your hard drive messed up and your computer won’t start at all, or won’t let you perform critical functions, or sometimes you just want your computer to run as well as it did the day you took it out of the box. In those cases, a full wipe of the data and reinstall might be in order. It’s certainly possible to do this on your own, but our technicians can make the process quicker, easier, and more efficient for you. We know what drivers and what critical pieces of software you’ll need to reinstall, and we can even make sure that your old data is safe and back on your freshly reinvigorated computer. We take the guesswork and the time-consuming labor out of you having to do it yourself, and guarantee our work.

So if you’re having issues with an upgrade not behaving, or need a clean sweep, come by. We’ll give you a free estimate and free advice, and if you decide to go ahead, we’ll usually have things ready and working perfectly within 24 hours.


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