Computer Fails To Start

Nothing is more depressing than waking up to a computer that does not respond when you press the power button. If a computer fails to start, most people do not know what to do next before finding someone to do computer repair and laptop repair. This article gives a systematic guide of how to deal with such a situation.
Considering that the most critical parts of the machine-motherboard and CPU-could be faulty, it may even cause jitters to imagine about the possible cause of malfunction. So, what should you do when you have a “dead” computer?

Maybe the Computer is still Off

One scenario is when you switch on the computer, but nothing indicates power. This is when you neither hear the fans nor see any lights. In such an instance, the most likely cause of the problem is power. Studies show in most cases, the user has not turned the computer on. Check every switch on the computer to make sure it is ON before embarking on other troubleshooting options.


Hardware or Electrical Fault

Sometimes the computer will turn on, and immediately turn off. The fans and the lights turning on, and then stopping at once show this error. Still, nothing comes on the screen and you may not even hear the usual beeps that come with a computer switching on. If this is the case, the possible cause of the problem could be anything from a hardware malfunction to an electrical fault. Since the computer is shutting by itself when booting, computer repair calls for a systematic troubleshooting procedure. Therefore, first check the cause of the beep code, if you are lucky to hear one.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

In another scenario, the Windows starts the load process, but stops only to display a blue screen. This screen is usually referred to as the blue screen of death (BSOD). Being a hardware problem, the BSOD calls for a determination of the root cause of the problem. However, you may repair the computer by verifying and rectifying the availability of enough space in the partition, scanning the computer for viruses, updating computer drivers, ascertaining that the hardware settings in the Device Manager are in default, and updating the BIOS, among others.
Error Message


Many of us have experienced this error-the computer screen shows an error message. Error messages occur at any stage of the computer boot process before the Windows appears. Unlike what most people would think, an error message is very helpful for anyone having a malfunctioning computer. The error message points to exactly where the problem is. When you get an error message on your computer, document the message exactly and search for the solution using the countless troubleshooting and laptop repair guides offered by the manufacturer on the internet.
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