Backup or Transfer

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How to back up your data, do you back up your data, why you should back up your data?

Data backup, Data Transfer, Windows Backup and files Transfer are terms commonly used in the technical industry but how many of you every day end users understand the meanings and terms used?

Data backup simply is what is says data back up what his means our tech Fellas can back up our data such as Documents or your precious images, Videos and music, we class these as data we can back them up on to another media such as data backup to external drive, data back up to USB memory, or data back up to online backup services.

File transfer means to transfer a file from your computer to another computer very similar to data transfer let’s say you buy a new laptop may be from you get it delivered then you call a Tech Guy from Computer Repair Dallas Texas over to set up your new laptop, they will take your old machine and the data you have on there and with your request start he data transfer, taking your old documents from your old computer to your new laptop also transferring files such as Pictures and Videos from your old equipment to your new device.