Top 5 Most Common iPhone Repairs In Dallas

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One of the most popular smartphones or cellphones in the world is the iPhone. Ever since the release of the first iPhone on June 29, 2007, it has been popular until the latest model that came out the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Over the years the iPhone has had several versions come out including iPhone 3G®, iPhone 3GS®, iPhone 4G®, iPhone 5G®, iPhone 5S®, iPhone 5C®, iPhone 6®, iPhone 6s®, iPhone 6s Plus®, iPhone 6 Plus®, iPhone 7®, iPhone 7 Plus®, iPhone 8®, iPhone 8 Plus®, iPhone X®, iPhone Xs®, iPhone Xs Max®, iPhone XR®, iPhone 11®, iPhone 11 Pro®, iPhone 11 Pro Max®, iPhone SE®.

While being one of the most popular cellphones in the world, it does come with a price tag and the iPhone can be considered one of the luxury brands of smartphones in the industry with the newer models costing upwards of $900. People prefer the iPhone since the user interface is easy to use and the look itself is a plus point for selling. Even though the iPhone is one of the finest cellphones, it is not prone to malfunctions like other smartphones.

Today we are going to be talking about the Top 5 most common iPhone repair services in the Dallas area.

iPhone Screen Repair Services Dallas

iPhone broken screen repair service

Despite the price tag of the iPhone the screens on the iPhone are not made out of metal. They are pretty durable but they can still be damaged after physical damage. If you have a cracked screen on your iPhone or a bleeding LCD on your iPhone then it is best to get it replaced soon. If left unrepaired your iPhone screen could malfunction and type the iPhone password again and again and make your iPhone disabled. And that is a problem if you don’t have your iPhone backed up because the only way to recover your iPhone would be to restore your iPhone which would erase everything on your iPhone. You can either get your iPhone to the Apple store or Apple-authorized store or your local iPhone repair shop in Dallas to get your screen replaced or you could go to your local iPhone repair shop in Dallas for a quick and affordable screen replacement service.

iPhone Battery Replacement Services Dallas


All electronic devices that come with a battery have a life cycle and the iPhone battery is no exception. After a certain cycle of usage, your iPhone battery will have reduced performance, overheating issues and sometimes could also result in being stuck on the Apple logo.

One of the ways, you can check the health on your iPhone® is through your iPhone® settings and this only applies to iPhone® 6 and above and currently supporting iOS® 11.3 and newer iOS® version then you can check your battery’s health by going to

Settings > Battery > Battery Health

Check out your iPhone battery’s maximum capacity percentage which is said to determine the usage capacity. If it’s below 80% then you should consider getting your iPhone battery replaced.

iPhone Charging Port Repair Services Dallas

iPhone 8-7-6-repair Dallas

One of the most common repairs for the iPhone or any smartphone is the charging issue. The charging issue on the iPhone could be caused by a faulty charger, dirt or debris stuck on the charging port, liquid damage on iPhone, logic board charging IC malfunction. The very first thing that you should check when your iPhone is not charging is whether the iPhone charger is connected to the power or not and if the power adapter is getting power from the outlet or not. If your power adapter is functional, you can try to charge your iPhone with another charging cable. If your iPhone is still not charging then you have an issue with your iPhone.

After isolating that, your iPhone charging issue could be coming from your charging port, you can check if your iPhone charger is going all the way inside the charging port. If it does not go all the way in, then your charging issues could be the result of debris or dirt stuck on the charging port. You can use a thin tool of some sort to get the dirt out of your charging port. If you don’t have any dirt stuck on the charging port then you can take it to the Apple store or your local iPhone repair shop in Dallas to get your iPhone charging port replaced. They will diagnose where your iPhone charging issue is coming from and provide you with the repair option accordingly.

iPhone Apple logo Bootloop stuck Repair Services Dallas

Apple logo stuck iPhone repair

If you have had issues on your iPhone being stuck on the Apple logo and tried several times to restart it but it just gets stuck on the Bootloop then don’t worry you are not the first one. This is one of the common iPhone repairs. The iPhone being stuck on the Apple logo could be because of various reasons such as problems with the software update, jailbreaking failure or corrupted jailbreak apps, battery issues, liquid damage, etc.

The first thing that you should try when your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo is to shut it down and try to force restart your iPhone after a while which is a different process on different models. If that doesn’t work then you can try to use iTunes to restore your iPhone if it is still stuck on the Apple logo. If using your iTunes does not work then it could be a hardware related issue. It is best if you can take it to the Apple store or your local iPhone repair store in Dallas to get your iPhone Bootloop issue fixed.

iPhone Liquid Damage Repair Services Dallas


Most newer iPhones are IP-67 or IP-68 water-resistant. It does not mean that they are completely waterproof. One of the common iPhone repairs is liquid damage recovery of an iPhone. After liquid gets inside the iPhone it can damage the internal components and make some or all parts of your iPhone dysfunctional. The effects of liquid damage on the iPhone aren’t immediate and could take several days or weeks to show. Some signs of liquid damage include touch not working, home button not working, no sound or speakers not working, camera not working, overheating, not turning on, etc. If you have a liquid damaged iPhone then you should take it to your local iPhone repair store to get ultrasonic cleaning on it which might have a chance to restore your iPhone.

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