Making sure your data is safe, is of the most importance. We can help you find the answer that works for you. Everything from small free data backup plans, to external hard drives and even offsite backup. Whatever the case We will sit down with you and help you find what the best plan.

Flash Drive
If you have a limited budget the most simple way to backup your stuff is with a hand held flash drive, you can buy at almost any store for $20. The advantage to these is, they are portable and cheap. The disadvantage is, they are easy to loose and you have remember to manually back things up. If you had a sudden hard drive failure you could be missing a few weeks worth of work.

Drop Box
Drop box can be a great simple way to have online backup that is automatic. The free version of dropbox holds up to 2 gbs over the internet and if all you have are a few word documents this may be a good way to go. The only downside to it is, if you delete something from your drop box folder then it will also be deleted on the server when your computer syncs to the internet. But it’s still not a bad way to go.

External Hard Drive
External Hard drives offer automatic backup of your files and cost around $60. They are a great all around solution for data backup. The only disadvantage of them is if you had a fire, both your computer and external hard drive would be destroyed.

Carbonite backs up your files over the internet automatically. It is probably the safest solution to your data backup needs but it is also the most expensive since you need to pay for it month by month. But it’s not too bad at just $10 per month for most plans.


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Our service ranges from simple computer repairs all the way to setting up corporate networks and building custom computers.

When you call us, we will talk about your problem and we will give you a brief diagnosis over the phone. Most calls can be completed same or next day, and if it’s an emergency usually we can fix you in same day, even if we have to work, out late. Our rates are reasonable. Whether your computer is slow, internet is down, system is crashing, or your printer just won’t print, We can help you in a reliable timely manner. After all, Our goal is to make sure you are happy and your computers run efficiently.

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