Many times when our customers have laptops they break the screen and think it’s time to get a new laptop. Most of the time a broken screen is an easily fixable problem that we can repair in an afternoon. All we have to do is take out your old screen and replace it with a new screen. And best of all it’s not too terribly expensive to do.

If your laptop won’t come on at all, many times it doesn’t mean your laptop is completely gone. All you have to do is take out the battery on the bottom and try plugging it directly into the wall without the battery in. This usually resets the laptop and makes it run normally afterwords.

If your laptop boots up but gives you an error before it gets into windows, this is usually indicative of a bad hard drive. Don’t panic about losing your data. Most of the time when a hard drive is beginning to fail we can actually copy most of your data files off before total hard drive failure. Afterwords, we can replace your hard drive and give you a new one. If you’re interested in an upgrade you can even have us put in a solid state hard drive, that runs much faster than a normal hard drive.



Many of our customers call us out to their house saying their computer is slow. They then tell us they aren’t sure why it’s slow because they have all these optimization programs on their computers that claim to speed things up. Many of them are also called registry optimizers.

To be honest we are not sure what these programs are actually doing in the background. We are not the one who programmed them. But here’s what we can tell you. Most of the computers that we repair have tons of these programs on them. And to top that off, they are some of the slowest machines known to human! So if you ask our opinion, We think these programs are totally bogus. If you want you computer to run fast, the best thing to do is have a professional come out and speed it up. When We speed up a computer, often times We can speed up a computer by as much as 400%.



If your computer has crashed and you can’t access it, you may be worried that you have lost all your data. Fear not, in most cases We can copy all your data files directly off your computer with little or no effort. If however, your hard drive is failing, the data may have been corrupted. In cases like this, We can run data recovery to recover most of your lost files. In very rare cases, your hard drive may be completely dead. When this happens your hard drive needs to be disassembled and placed into a clean room. When we do this we can usually recover most of your data files.



Fast, Reliable Service
If you have a business and your computers go down, every minute can cost you money. That’s why We give priority to businesses with emergency needs. If you have a problem We can usually be out there same day. And if We have to, We will even come out late at night to make sure you are taken care of.

Remote Support
We also have the capability of remote accessing your computers. This can be useful because it allows us to be there sooner and means you can go off and take care of business while We work on your computer remotely.

Server Maintenance
If your server is down, We can also help you with that. We understand your server is the center of your business technology and you need to make sure it is up and running. So We will make sure you are taken care of. We can do everything from setup exchange servers, to install entire systems.

Data Backup
Making sure your data is safe, is of the utmost importance. We can help you find the answer that works for you. Everything from small free data backup plans, to external hard drives and even offsite backup. Whatever the case We will sit down with you and help you find what works for you.


Computer Repair
Virus Removal
Network Support and Administration
IT Support
Exchange Hosting
Offsite Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our service ranges from simple computer repairs all the way to setting up corporate networks and building custom computers.

When you call us, we will talk about your problem and we will give you a brief diagnosis over the phone. Most calls can be completed same or next day, and if it’s an emergency usually we can fix you in same day, even if we have to work, out late. Our rates are reasonable. Whether your computer is slow, internet is down, system is crashing, or your printer just won’t print, We can help you in a reliable timely manner. After all, Our goal is to make sure you are happy and your computers run efficiently.

We service the Following Areas: Dallas, Richardson, Garland, Frisco, Rockwall, Heath, Rowlett, and most of the DFW area.



If your computer is running slow, typically it just needs a simple speedup to get it running like new again. Usually, speedups only take about an hour. If you are having trouble with your computer, give us a call. We know how stressful it is when your machine breaks down and We will do everything in our power to make sure you are taken care of.

If you are getting lots of popups that won’t go away as soon as you turn your computer on, warning of infections and saying you need to buy their software to remove them, first make sure you don’t buy anything from them. These are typically scam artists that have written scareware to scare you into buying what they offer. Usually in cases such as this the computer needs to be wiped and windows reinstalled. And don’t worry We will copy your data off before hand to make sure it is safe.

If your computer doesn’t boot at all and won’t even go into windows, this is usually indicative of a hardware problem of sous sort. It can range from sousthing as simple as a power supply replaceusnt, or a hard drive replaceusnt.

If you have a laptop and your screen breaks, We can also help with that.We have a place We goto where We get screens wholesale and We can usually have your screen replaced saus or next day.

We also work on Macs, tablets and servers as well. So if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to call us.

Computer Repair Dallas, PC Repair | The Computer Repair Expert Servicing Dallas, Frisco, Rockwall, Heath, Rowlett and most of the DFW area

Computer Repair Dallas, PC Repair | The Computer Repair Expert Servicing Dallas, Frisco, Rockwall, Heath, Rowlett and most of the DFW area


If you are having trouble with your computer, give us a call at (469)-609-7078.  We know how stressful it is when your machine breaks down. We also work on Macs, tablets and servers as well.  So if you have any problems, do not hesitate to call us. We will do everything in our power to make sure you are taken care of.