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Software packages are necessary for performing different tasks on your computer. There are millions of software packages in the market. Installing and configuring new software is often tricky because of its varying requirement and complex configuration. This process could take a tremendous amount of time. In our software installation service, our certified technicians will analyze your requirements and generate a report. The report informs you about all the devices required for your software along with the platform needed. We will provide a hands-on tutorial to get you started on your application software and provide after support too. We offer software installation services for both custom-tailored and off the shelf software applications.


Our Services:

  • Win RAR
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • ArcGIS 10.4
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Matlab R2018a
  • Microsoft Office Enterprise 2016
  • Java Development Kit – JDK 10
  • Kaltura
  • Java Updates
  • VideoLAN VLC Player
  • Wolfram Mathematica 11
  • Flash Software
  • Auto CAD
  • Adobe Suite
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • File & Printer Sharing
  • Remote login and management software
  • Parental Software installation
  • Firewall Software installation
  • Antivirus Software
  • DBMS software installation


When do you need software installation services?

  • Custom Tailored Software: All custom-tailored software requires different platforms, environments, input and output devices, and system requirements. We work with the developers to find the most compatible setting for your software and save you time and effort on the setup. We also provide training to get you started on your software.
  • The software could not be installed: Sometimes, a simple software installation is not as simple as it sounds. Some software packages require other supporting software packages like java run time environment for all the functionalities. Even installing software means choosing the right preferences and packages for your requirements. Our techs work with you to get the software packages that you really need.
  • Software requirement analysis: You know your requirement, but don’t know which software application would work best for your needs. Our certified technicians will give you options will all the pros and cons of individual software that work best for you and your team.
  • Installing a new operating system: Installing a new Operating System means starting fresh with the bare minimum. When you come to us, we will install the software that is necessary for you and configure it to your preference. We will get it done in no time.
  • Device Driver: Driver software is required for input-output devices like network cards, display, sound to function correctly. Our certified technicians will install compatible drivers and get all the tools on your computer working.

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PC Service Dallas is an industry-leading pioneer in affordable and quality computer and smartphone repair. We offer technical support for both hardware and software problems on a computer. We repair all kinds of desktop, laptop, notebook, tablets, smartphone, and many other devices. All our services are designed to be convenient, hassle-free, affordable to our clients for a suitable repair experience. You can bring your device to us at our convenient location, or you can choose to get a home service. We will either come to your house and fix it there or bring the device back, fix it and deliver it back to your house. Give us a call about your device, we will fix your appliance in no time.

Our certified technical IT professional will perform a diagnostic on your device and suggest repair options available for your computer and recommend the best course of repair. We will communicate with you before we proceed with the repair. Our prices are very competitive in the market. However, if you don’t find it economical to proceed with the repair, we will not proceed with the repair, and it will incur NO CHARGE further.



Why choose our OS Installation services?

  1. No Geek Speak: We always speak in a plain simple language free of jargons to communicate effectively with our clients. Our technicians are trained to provide analogies, clear explanatory terms to relay information to our clients, so we are on the same page.
  2. Data Privacy: We handle your data with the utmost respect. Your devices have all your information like photos, videos, relevant documents, financial information. When you bring in your device, you trust us with all your essential data. We keep up to that trust and don’t access or store your data unless requested.
  3. Fast & Affordable: Our mission is to help our clients to the best we can. We often even go out of our way to help our client in case of need. Our services are the fastest, and rates are most competitive in the DFW area.
  4. Certified Experts: Our technicians are certified by CompTIA, Apple, and Microsoft validating their skills and competence. Our technicians know what they are doing and get the job done systematically.
  5. Overall IT Services: We provide various services like OS configuration or installation, virus removal, network services, we are here for you.  We offer different hardware, software, network, and security services for our client at very competitive rates.

Contact us now for fast and effective OS Installation and Configuration services.

We also provide PC Computer repair, laptop notebook repair, smartphone repair, and all kinds of computer repair services in Dallas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of software do you install?
A: We install both off the shelf and custom-tailored software.  Some of the standard software packages that we install are Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suites, Driver Software, Antivirus Software, Programming languages for Linux, etc.

Q: Can I purchase a license for commercial applications from you?
A: We offer a license for antivirus software only. You have to purchase other application software license yourself.

Q: Do I need to pay for all the software I want to install?
A: You do not need to pay for some free software available on the web. There is some paid software, you do need to make payment to use such software.

Q: How much time does it take for application installation?
A: The installation process depends on the type and number of applications. Most application software takes around 10-30 minutes for installation.

Q: What are the steps to install computer software?
A: First locate the setup file .exe file. Open the file, choose the location where you want to install it. Dialogue box will pop-up with instructions. Follow the instructions.

Q: What are device drivers?
A: Device drivers are applications that help your plug and play devices like web camera, sound cards, video card to communicate with the computer.

Q: Is it necessary to update device drivers?
A: Updating the device driver can enhance the performance of that component. For example, by updating your driver, you can play the latest games having the best gaming experience.

Q: How much time is required to install device drivers?
A: If the drivers are available, the installation takes 30 minutes to an hour. However, if the device drivers aren’t available, it may take longer to find the right drivers compatible with your devices.