RAID Server Data Recovery



RAID server data recovery is needed when one or more hard disk drives of your RAID array configuration get damaged and you are unable to access data from your RAID server. Don’t worry, PC Service Dallas is here to get your data recovered from your RAID configuration. We have a team of certified data recovery experts who have several years of expertise in recovering data from all types of RAID configurations. Just give us a call on 469-778-4130 to talk with one of our data recovery experts detailing the issues and type of your RAID configuration and set an appointment with us to get your data recovered from your RAID configuration.

Let our professional RAID data recovery experts recover your data for you. Having said that do you know what are the common causes of RAID configuration failures?

The common cause for a RAID system failure could be:

  1. Virus or malware
  2. Physical or liquid damage
  3. RAID controller failure
  4. Hard disk drive failure
  5. RAID power surge


Some of the RAID Data Recovery Services we provide include:

  1. RAID 0 data recovery service
  2. RAID 1 data recovery service
  3. RAID 5 data recovery service
  4. RAID 6 data recovery service
  5. RAID 10 data recovery service
  6. NAS RAID configuration data recovery service
  7. SAN RAID configuration data recovery service
  8. RAID controller failure data recovery service
  9. RAID hardware failure data recovery service
  10. Liquid damage RAID configuration data recovery service
  11. Power surge damage RAID configuration data recovery service
  12. SATA RAID hard drive data recovery service
  13. SCSI RAID data recovery service
  14. SSD RAID data recovery service

What not to do after a RAID configuration failure?

When your RAID configuration fails, unless you are a professional expert at recovering RAID server data and hard drive, you should shut down your RAID controller. It is not the best idea to reset the RAID or try running chkdsk commands or try recovering the data from recovery software. Doing so will only decrease the chances of data recovery and could worsen the situation with your RAID system.

How much does RAID data recovery cost and what is the process?

The cost of the RAID data recovery will depend on the type of RAID configuration you have, what type of damage does your RAID configuration have, the number of disks your RAID configuration needs to get repaired in order to recover data, the complexity of the data recovery for your RAID configuration and the time it will take for data recovery. First, we will have to diagnose your RAID system and what kind of damage your RAID configuration has suffered. Then only we can provide you with the proper data recovery solutions for your RAID configuration.

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