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PC Service Dallas is a one-stop MacBook repair store to get all your MacBook issues fixed. Our team of certified technicians is adept at solving all sorts of issues related to your MacBook including the MacBook flashing question mark folder. Give us a call today on 469-778-4130 and speak with one of our certified MacBook repairs specialists to see the available repair options for the MacBook Flashing question mark folder issue. PC Service Dallas provides home/on-site MacBook repair services for MacBook displaying a question mark folder sign for all the residents of the Southlake area. You can book us for a home service MacBook repair and after discussing the issue with your MacBook, one of our certified techs will be dispatched to your Southlake location.

We work on all models of MacBooks including MacBook A1534, MacBook A1342, MacBook A1181, MacBook A1278, MacBook A1989, MacBook A1990, MacBook A1707, MacBook A1706, MacBook A1708, MacBook A1502, MacBook A1398, MacBook A1425, MacBook A1278, MacBook A1286, MacBook A1297, MacBook A1260, MacBook A1261, MacBook A1229, MacBook A1226, MacBook A1211, MacBook A1212, MacBook A1150, MacBook A1151, MacBook A1932, MacBook A1466, MacBook A1465, MacBook A1369, MacBook A1370, MacBook A1304, MacBook A1237.PC Service Dallas-get free quote



Some of the services that we provide for MacBook Question mark folder in the Southlake area include:

  • MacBook OSX Configuration Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook Hard drive repair Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook Hard drive replacement Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook SATA SSD replacement Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook m2 SSD replacement Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook Fusion Drive replacement Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook External Drive Boot Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook SATA connection issue Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook Question mark folder repair and data recovery service in Southlake
  • MacBook Virus or malware issue Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook corrupted system files Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook OSX file deleted Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook System Restore Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook Flashing Question mark folder repair in Southlake
  • MacBook White Screen and Question mark folder repair in Southlake




PC Service Dallas is a local hub for computer and cell phone repair conveniently located at Medical District by Dallas downtown. We serve the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. From MacBooks to PCs, we repair all the devices with any problem. We offer a wide range of services like data recovery, laptop screen repair, virus removal, charging port repair, no power issues, broken hinge repair, Macbook Repair, email setup, HDD upgrade, PC upgrade and more. We provide affordable services to our clients.

We service clients from all over Southlake including Southlake Aubrey Estates, Southlake Carillon Estates, Southlake Caldwells Creek, Southlake Cambridge Place, Southlake Camden Park, Southlake Carillion Estates, Southlake Carroll Meadows, Southlake Cedar Creek Plantations, Southlake Chapel Downs, Southlake Chelsea Park, Southlake Chesapeake Place, Southlake Chivers, Southlake Clariden Ranch, Southlake Cliffs at Clariden Ranch, Southlake Continental Park Estates, Southlake Coventry Manor, Southlake Cross Timber Hills, Southlake Dominion, Southlake Enclave, Southlake Estes Park Estates, Southlake Harbor Oaks, Southlake Kimball Hills, Southlake Kirkwood Hollow, Southlake Lakes of La Paloma, Southlake Latrobe, Southlake Laurelwood Park, Southlake Loch Meadow Estates, Southlake Monticello, Southlake Myers Meadow, Southlake Oak Pointe, Southlake Palomar Estates, Southlake Reserves of Southlake, Southlake Sandin Manor, Southlake Shady Oaks, Southlake SouthlakeGlen, Southlake South Lake Hills, Southlake South Ridge Lakes, Southlake South Village, Southlake Town Square Brownstones, Southlake SouthlakeWoods, Southlake St Emilion, Southlake Stone Lakes, Southlake Stratfort Parc, Southlake The Garden District, Southlake Timber Lake, Southlake Timarron, Southlake Tuscan Ridge, Southlake Versailles, Southlake Vista Trails, Southlake Watermere at Southlake, Southlake Westwyck Hills, Southlake Whispering Dell Estates, Southlake Wilmington Court, Southlake Winding Creek, Southlake Wingate Hill, etc.

We also cover zip code including Southlake 72096, Southlake 76092.



When Do You Need Our MacBook Question Mark Folder Repair For Highland Park?

express macbook repair service southlake

MacBook Express Service:

Need an express repair service for your MacBook question mark folder issue. Just give us a call on 469-778-4130 detailing your MacBook model number, a year or serial number and upon checking the parts availability we will inform you right away how long it’s going to take to get your MacBook question mark issue fixed. Usually, after arrival, if you already have the MacBook with you, then it’s going to take us less than 25 minutes to get your MacBook charging port replaced. It would be beneficial for both the customer and the repair shop if you would like to set an appointment with us but walk-ins are also welcomed dearly.

MacBook Home/ On-Site Service:

PC Service Dallas provides Home/ Office repair service or On-site repair services for MacBooks to all the residents of the Dallas Highland Park area. Just give us a call on 469-778-4130 and talk with one of our certified Mac technicians regarding your issue with your MacBook and one of our MacBook repair specialists will be sent to your Highland Park location with the proper software or hardware equipment to get your MacBook question mark folder issue resolved.


Flashing Question Mark Folder Repair MacBook Service:

If your MacBook is flashing a question mark folder sign, then it is because your MacBook is unable to access the OSX which could happen because of various reasons such as failing hard drive, undetected or damaged SSD, corrupted OSX or virus or malware in your MacBook. Don’t worry the certified professional at PC Service Dallas will check all your MacBook components and provide you with the proper repair solutions for your MacBook that’s flashing question mark folder.


MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Service:

The liquid is one of the most damaging things to MacBooks when they come in contact. Most liquids are good conductors of electricity and hence when your MacBook logic board comes into contact with water, your logic board might short-circuit hence damaging the main logic board parts which will, in turn, make your MacBook useless or some parts of your MacBook might not work which might include your MacBook storage device. Don’t worry PC Service Dallas provides MacBook liquid damage repair service and hard drive or SSD replacement services for your MacBook.


Why Choose Our Question Mark Folder Repair MacBook Service For Highland Park?



There won’t be any kind of hidden fees associated with the repair. The quote we provide will already include the price for the labor, part, and service that we provide. We will make sure that our customers are on board with the price before we proceed with the repair.


We have faster repair turn around time since our technicians have several years of experience in working with all kinds of devices and models of computers. Fast problem identification and isolation allows us to provide our customers with express repair services.


We use the highest standard of repair parts for our repair services and that is the reason why we are able to provide a warranty on all of our repair services that need a replacement. Our technicians have proper knowledge of the ESD precautions and safety measures to ensure that your device is properly handled.


If you need to make an immediate request for repair or you want to set a date to bring your device in for repair, we are always here to provide you with our affordable and reliable repair service.


Most of the repair services we provide are done within the same day depending on the part availability. So, you can rely on us to provide you with a fast and reliable service that you deserve. PC Service Dallas strives its best to provide our customers with the best repair service at a minimal time to ensure that the customer’s work is not being affected by the situation.


Same-Day MacBook Home Service Repairs In Southlake

Some of the same-day MacBook Home service repairs that we provide in the Southlake area include:

  • MacBook SSD Upgrade Service Southlake
  • Slow MacBook Hard Drive Replacement Service Southlake
  • MacBook Virus Removal Service Southlake
  • MacBook Data Migration Service Southlake
  • MacBook Fresh Start Setup Service Southlake
  • MacBook Question Mark Folder Repair service Southlake
  • MacBook Password Removal Service Southlake
  • MacBook Wifi repair Service Southlake
  • MacBook OSX Configuration Service Southlake


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How To Repair MacBook Air?

A: In order to repair MacBook Air we need to know what the issue is with the MacBook Air. We need to check whether it needs a screen replacement, battery replacement, SSD replacement, ultrasonic cleaning. That is why we perform diagnostics before we give you the repair options for the MacBook Air.

Q. How To Repair MacBook Pro Speaker?

A: Every model of MacBook Pro is different and has different methods of repairing and replacing the MacBook Pro speaker. Let us know which model of MacBook Pro Speaker, you would want to get repaired and we can help you get it repaired.

Q. Does Apple Repair Old MacBooks?

A: Apple repairs Old MacBooks under vintage and obsolete products.

Q. How Much Is MacBook Pro Screen Repair?

A: The pricing of the screen depends on the model number of the MacBook Pro which starts with the letter A followed by 4 numbers. If you can give us the model number, we can tell you the exact price ranging from $139-$799.

Q. How To Repair Mac Os In MacBook Pro?

A: You can repair Mac OS in MacBook Pro by reinstalling the OS that is compatible with your MacBook Pro.

Q. How To Repair MacBook Air Screen?

A: You can repair MacBook Air Screen by taking out the back cover and unscrewing the screws and flexes that hold the screen together and uninstalling the old screen and screwing the new screen onto the MacBook Air.

Q. Does Apple Repair MacBooks In-Store?

A: Depends on what kind of repair is needed for your MacBook. Board repairs are not provided in-store.

Q. How Much To Repair Water Damaged MacBook Air?

A: For the diagnostics and ultrasonic cleaning we charge $79 and for further board repairs it depends on which part needs to be repaired.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Repair MacBook Screen?

A: It depends on the repair procedure required to repair the MacBook Screen and whether the screen is available at the location or not since all models have different procedures and different connector pins.

Q. How Much Do MacBook Repairs Cost?

A: MacBook Repairs can cost anywhere from $60 to $799.

Q. How Much Is A MacBook Screen Repair?

A: MacBook Screen Repairs can cost anywhere from $139 to $799.

Q. How Much Is It To Repair A Cracked MacBook Screen?

A: If you can give us the model number of the Cracked MacBook Screen, we can give you an exact price for the Screen Repair.

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