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MacBook Repair Service DallasIf you want to get your MacBook data recovered then just give us a call detailing the service you would want for your MacBook, the serial number or model number of your MacBook and get in touch with one of our certified data recovery specialist by giving us a call on 469-778-4130 and set an appointment with us or bring your MacBook to our Dallas location to get your MacBook data diagnosed and recovered. PC Service Dallas is an independent IT repair and support company that provides data recovery services for all types and brands of computers including the Apple MacBooks.

We have a team of certified MacBook data recovery specialists that are highly trained to recover data from your MacBook hard drive, SSDs, m2 SATA SSD or flash storage soldered onto the logic board. Our senior data recovery experts have several years of expertise in recovering data from MacBooks of all models including A1534, A1342, A1181, A1278, A1989, A1990, A1707, A1706, A1708, A1502, A1398, A1425, A1278, A1286, A1297, A1260, A1261,  A1229, A1226, A1211, A1212, A1150, A1151, A1932, A1466, A1465, A1369, A1370, A1304, A1237.PC Service Dallas-get free quote



Some of our MacBook Data Recovery services we provide include:

  1. MacBook Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Service
  2. MacBook Solid State Drive Data Recovery Service
  3. MacBook Fusion Drive Data Recovery Service
  4. MacBook Flash Storage Data Recovery Service
  5. MacBook Pro Data Recovery Service
  6. MacBook Air Data Recovery Service
  7. MacBook Data Recovery Service
  8. MacBook Question Mark folder Data Recovery Service
  9. MacBook Prohibit Sign Data Recovery Service
  10. MacBook not turning on Data Recovery Service
  11. MacBook Liquid Damage Data Recovery Service
  12. MacBook Physical Damage Data Recovery Service
  13. MacBook LEVEL I Data Recovery Service
  14. MacBook LEVEL II Data Recovery Service
  15. MacBook LEVEL III Data Recovery Service


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PC Service Dallas is an independent computer repair and IT support company that strives to provide reliable repairs along with excellent customer satisfaction to our clients. We are locally located in Dallas, Texas. Inwood Rd and N Stemmons Fwy.

We serve clients from all over Dallas including Dallas Downtown, Dallas Uptown, North Dallas, Highland Park Dallas, Westlake Dallas, Southlake Dallas, University Park Dallas, Flower Mound Dallas, Preston hollow Dallas, Arts District Dallas, Reunion District Dallas, Lewisville, etc.     

We also cover zip code including Dallas 75219, Dallas 75205, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75230, Dallas 75201, Dallas 75254, Dallas 75203, Dallas 75214, Dallas 75220, Dallas 75077, Dallas 75019, Dallas 75082, Dallas 76092, Dallas 75094, Dallas 75028, Dallas 75013, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75022, Dallas 75207, Dallas 75247, Dallas 75235, Dallas 75220.

When Do You Need Our MacBook Data Recovery Services?

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MacBook Corrupted File Data Recovery Service:

If you have a virus or malware on your MacBook then you will probably have a few corrupted files. If left unquarantined, these viruses will duplicate themselves, attach themselves to other applications and files and corrupt your files on your MacBook. If you have some important documents but due to the viruses, you are not able to gain access to them then we can help get your corrupted data recovered from your MacBook.


MacBook Question Mark Folder Data Recovery Service:

When your MacBook computer shows a question mark folder sign, then it means that for whatever reason your MacBook is unable to get access to the operating system inside the storage media and hence your MacBook display shows a question mark folder. This issue could be because of either hard drive failure, OSX corruption, viruses or malware, bad SATA connection, etc. Don’t worry our certified Data recovery specialist will diagnose your MacBook and recover your data for you.

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MacBook Hard Drive No Access Data Recovery Service:

If your MacBook is too slow and the data on your hard drive is not accessible then don’t worry we can help restore your data into a new storage media of your choice. Our team of IT data recovery experts are able to recover the data from a failing hard drive as well, so rest assured we will diagnose and recover your hard disk drive data for you.

Password Recovery Data Recovery Service Dallas

Password Forgotten MacBook Data Recovery Service:

Using a password to encrypt your data is the best way to keep your data safe. But we are only humans and we produce human errors like forgetting your MacBook’s password especially when we change it to a new one. Don’t worry if that happens we can help recover your MacBook data for you. Our certified MacBook repair experts are capable of providing one of the best data recovery services for your MacBook in the Dallas Area.

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Accidentally Deleted Files Data Recovery Service:

Accidents happen and sometimes these accidents can happen on your MacBook computer like accidentally deleting important files when you meant to clean out the files that are not needed. Well don’t panic the files could have been emptied out from your trash bin but our MacBook data recovery experts are still able to recover it. Just turn off your MacBook and bring it to our store to get it diagnosed for data recovery or give us a call on 469-778-4130 to set an appointment with one of our MacBook data recovery specialists.


MacBook Not Turning On Data Recovery Service:

No matter the condition of your MacBook, we will try our best to recover your data for you. Even if your MacBook was a victim of liquid damage or physical damage or a power surge in the MacBook motherboard, we are still able to recover your data depending on the condition of your MacBook. Don’t worry even if your MacBook is not turning on, our data recovery experts are still able to recover your MacBook data for you.

MacBook Hard Drive Malfunction Data Recovery Service:

Hard Drives are mechanical storage devices and have lots of moving parts used in reading, writing and storing data onto the platter, so if even one part of the hard drive malfunctions then it will start creating bad sectors on your hard drive platter and the data will soon be unrecoverable. Some of the signs of a malfunctioning hard drive is clicking noise coming from your MacBook hard drive, slow MacBook, longer boot time, not being able to access MacBook files from your hard drive. Let our professional data recovery experts handle your data recovery needs.

Why Choose Our MacBook Data Recovery Services?

Certified Experts: Our Data recovery experts have several years of experience in the data recovery sector and are certified by Apple, CompTIA, and Microsoft and have the right skills and expertise to be able to recover your data.

Clean Room Environment: Depending on the level of Data recovery, we also facilitate a clean room for Mac hard drive data recovery services to recover data from malfunctioning hard drives.

Data Security: After recovering your data for you, we will not attempt to access or access your data unless authorized by yourself and the recovered data will be safely encrypted with a passcode until the data is safely entrusted to you.

Recovery Methods: After data diagnostics, we will inform the client about the method of data recovery procedure we are opting for and after giving the full details of the pros and cons of each method and approval of the client only will we proceed with the recovery method.

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