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Having a computer or a laptop infected with a virus can make a person really frustrated because of the things that the viruses do to their computer and depending on the type of virus the information and data on their computer also become vulnerable to be leaked. In this era of technology, our data and information are very precious to us as they should be and what if suddenly you click on a virus-infested website or you download a third-party app and run it on your computer and get your laptop virus infected. What should you do if this happens to you? What is the next step that you can do to prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands? First of all, you should change the password of all the things that were linked with your computer for safety reasons and seek professional help to get your device rid of viruses. We understand how annoying these computer viruses can be and what sorts of trouble they give people. We have experience in dealing with virus-infected computers and laptops for years and we are here to help you out with any kind of problem that you may have with your computer.

PC Service Dallas offers you our best virus removal and support services for laptops of all brands and types. We have a team of professional IT experts that have years of experience in removing viruses from virus-infected laptops and providing support to our customers. If you know or suspect that your computer may be infected with viruses then give us a call to set an appointment or you could visit our store at our physical location on 2629 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas TX 75207.


Some of the services that we provide for laptop virus removal in Dallas include:

  • Virus scanning and removal on laptops
  • Laptops anti-virus installation and virus removal
  • Laptop anti-virus implementation and virus removal
  • Laptop threat management from viruses
  • Laptop prevention from the intrusion of viruses and virus removal
  • Laptop spam protection and virus removal
  • Laptop web virus removal and anti-virus installation
  • Quick and cheap virus removal on laptops
  • Fast and affordable anti-virus installation on laptops
  • Laptop tune-up and virus removal
  • Safari-get virus removal service Dallas
  • Windows laptop virus removal Dallas
  • Apple laptop virus removal Dallas




PC Service Dallas is an independent computer repair and IT support company that strives to provide reliable repairs along with excellent customer satisfaction to our clients. We are locally located in Dallas, Texas. Inwood Rd and N Stemmons Fwy.

We serve clients from all over Dallas including Dallas Downtown, Dallas Uptown, North Dallas, Highland Park Dallas, Westlake Dallas, Southlake Dallas, University Park Dallas, Flower Mound Dallas, Preston hollow Dallas, Arts District Dallas, Reunion District Dallas, Lewisville, etc.     

We also cover zip code including Dallas 75219, Dallas 75205, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75230, Dallas 75201, Dallas 75254, Dallas 75203, Dallas 75214, Dallas 75220, Dallas 75077, Dallas 75019, Dallas 75082, Dallas 76092, Dallas 75094, Dallas 75028, Dallas 75013, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75022, Dallas 75207, Dallas 75247, Dallas 75235, Dallas 75220.

When do you need our laptop virus removal services?

Slow laptop: 

Slow MacBook Repair Dallas- Beach ball sign display due to slow processing MacBookVirus infection can cause your computer to perform very slow and hamper the functionality of your device. The virus attaches itself to a program or software and uses the resources of your computer system to slow down the system. The effects of viruses are not limited to your device, a virus can be transmitted or transferred to another network or slow down your network services if it attaches itself to the connection type software in your system.

Crashing Computer:

laptop blue screen repair DallasYour computer does not want any viruses or malware in its system so there are some resources and systems in the computer that scan and block the viruses. But oftentimes what happens is that when viruses use the computer resources they block those resources and systems that clear out the viruses in order to stay in the system and not get deleted or overwritten by the security system of the operating system. When the virus does this, then due to the security system not being able to function, there may be frequent crashing and rebooting from the computer to reset the virus and make the security functions functional again.

Peripheral Devices not working:

Loud Computer Repair DallasSome viruses disable your peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, printers, monitors by modifying your device firmware or drivers. When your device input and output devices are attacked, you are not able to give commands to delete the virus.

Random Pop-ups Ads:


Adware installs miscellaneous applications and services to your computer. They can change your browser homepage & search engine, track your recent computer usages to capture your data for targeted advertisement. Moreover, adware display annoying advertisements which could pop up at any time while you are working or enjoying a movie.

Unusual Error Messages:

Computer blue screen repair Dallas

Unusual error messages like “.dll file missing”, “the file is inaccessible”, “can’t rename music, a file with such name exists”, “file not found” indicate your computer has been compromised.

PC Service Dallas - Mac Repair service Dallas

PC Service Dallasis an industry-leading pioneer in affordable and quality computer and smartphone repair. We offer technical support for both hardware and software problems on a computer. We repair all kinds of desktop, laptop, notebook, tablets, smartphones, and many other devices. All our services are designed to be convenient, hassle-free, affordable to our clients for a suitable repair experience. You can bring your device to us at our convenient location, or you can choose to get a home service. We will either come to your house and fix it there or bring the device back, fix it and deliver it back to your house. Give us a call about your device, we will fix your appliance in no time.


Laptop repair in DallasOur certified technical IT professional will perform a diagnostic on your device and suggest repair options available for your computer and recommend the best course of repair. We will communicate with you before we proceed with the repair. Our prices are very competitive in the market. However, if you don’t find it economical to proceed with the repair, we will not proceed with the repair, and it will incur NO CHARGE further.



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Q: What actually is a computer virus?
A: A Computer virus is malicious software, which performs the task that is beneficial not for you but for the attacker that designed the virus. Viruses disrupt the functionality of your computer by modifying system and user files, disabling services, locking your computer with encryption or sometimes participating in mass attacks without your knowledge.

Q: What type of viruses are there?
A: Common types of viruses are :

  1. Boot Sector Virus
  2. Resident Virus
  3. Trojan
  4. Spyware
  5. Key loggers
  6. Browser Hijacker
  7. Direct Action Virus
  8. File Infector Virus
  9. Polymorphic Virus
  10.  Multipartite Virus.

Q: How was I infected?
A: Viruses can come from various sources like torrents, cracked files, spam, malicious websites, “free” applications, infected USB drives, network, and more. Some viruses are downloaded from malicious sites that offer free antivirus to remove the virus that doesn’t exist on your system.

Q: What does a virus do on my computer?
A: As mentioned earlier, the virus could perform a number of operations on your computer. Viruses could be programmed to stay hidden and collect your data or to jam your network. Most viruses use your system resources to replicate itself, corrupt files, disrupt the performance of your computer system. Some viruses can lock you out of your system by disabling peripheral devices or encrypting your system. 

Q: Could a virus wipe my data?
A: Yes, a virus could wipe, corrupt or encrypt your data making it hard for recovery or access the files. If your computer is infected, we recommend you to restore to a time when your computer wasn’t infected. Our technicians will try their best to restore your system with your data intact.

Q: How can I keep my computer away from viruses?
A: Do not download software from third party websites, keep your system up-to-date, use an anti-virus, do not plug-in any infected storage media.

Q: Does anti-virus remove the virus?
A: Yes, if your anti-virus is able to detect the virus, it slows different optionsv to remove it. Anti-virus really helps your computer be free from computer viruses.

Q: Can I get a virus from my email?
A: Yes, some viruses could transmit from your email. Most email providers scan the attachments in the mail for viruses but it’s not always 100% guaranteed. When you open pictures or attachment on your mail, it is downloaded into your system and could take over your system. Avoid viewing emails from unknown sources.

Q: How can I know if my computer has a virus?
A: You can some of these sign if your computer has a virus:

  • Missing files
  • Low Storage
  • Slow boot time
  • Slow system performance
  • Random crashes or error messages
  • Unexpected window pop-ops
  • Random URL redirection.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Laptop Screen?

A: The price for the Laptop screen repair depends on the model and brand of the laptop you want to get the screen replaced for.

Q: How Much To Repair Laptop Screen?

A: If you can give us a model number for your laptop as well as the brand name, then we can tell you exactly how much it will cost to repair the screen.

Q: Can Laptop Battery Be Repaired?

A: If you’re having issues with your laptop battery because of high cycle count, then you should get it replaced. If it’s other issues then we are going to have to diagnose your laptop then only we can tell if the laptop needs repair or the battery needs repair.

Q: Can Laptop Screens Be Repaired?

A: You, it can be repaired. The screen of laptop can be repaired by replacing the screen.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Laptop Fan?

A: The cost of the laptop repair depends on the type of laptop fan your laptop requires. And to figure out that, we’re going to need what brand and model your laptop is. Then we can give you an exact price for your laptop fan repair.

Q: How To Repair Bios On Laptop?

A: What seems to be the problem with your laptop? First we have to diagnose your laptop to figure out if you have issues with your laptop BIOS or not, then only we can proceed to repair BIOS on laptop.

Q: How To Repair Damaged Laptop Screen?

A: To repair damaged Laptop screen change the LCD of the damaged screen to a new LCD.

Q: How To Repair Laptop Cooling Fan?

A: What seems to be the problem with your laptop cooling fan that needs repair. If the cooling fan is too loud it could be because of other software and hardware related issues. So, we can’t be 100% sure that it is the laptop cooling fan that needs repair. Bring your laptop to our dallas store to diagnose and we can tell you what’s the problem with your laptop.

Q: How To Repair Laptop Keyboard?

A: If you want to know how to repair laptop keyboard, we have to understand what kind of repair you want on your keyboard. Do you want to replace the physical keys on your keyboard or is your keyboard not working or was ther liquid damage or physical damage on your laptop keyboard that made it to not work.

Q: How To Repair Laptop Power Cord?

A: What seems to be the isssue with the laptop power cord and what type of repair do you want done for your laptop power cord. Let us know and we will give you the proper way to repair laptop power cord.

Q: How To Stop Startup Repair On Laptop?

A: There are several reasons why your laptop could be showing startup repair. First we have to diagnose your laptop to find out what kind of repair it needs then only we will know what type of startup repair you laptop needs.

Q: Is It Worth Repairing A Laptop?

A: If you have lots of money it’s not worth it, you can get your data migrated to your new laptop. We can help you with that. But if you want to get your laptop fixed instead of getting a new laptop then it is worth repairing.

Q: Can Laptop Keyboards Be Repaired?

A: Yes laptop keyboards can be repaired.

Q: Can You Repair A Laptop Keyboard?

A: Yes, we can repair laptop keyboard.

Q: How Much Does Laptop Hinge Repair Cost?

The cost for laptop hinge repair depends on what brand of laptop hinge you want to repair and the model number of your laptop.

Q: How Much Is Laptop Lcd Repair?

A: If you let us know the brand name and model of your laptop then we can give you an exact quote. The LCD laptop repair starts at $60.

Q: How To Repair A Motherboard Of A Laptop?

A: To repair motherboard of a laptop, you need to diagnose which part of the motherboard you want to repair on your laptop. After diagnosing there are several other processes for motherboard repair like ultrasonic cleaning, soldering etc.

Q: How To Repair Acer Laptop Battery?

A: Let us know the model number for your Acer Laptop and we will let you know how to replace your battery.

Q: How To Repair Dell Laptop?

A: If you let us diagnose your laptop we can provide you with the repair options for your Dell laptop accordingly.

Q: How To Repair Dell Laptop Speakers?

A: You could have a hardware or software issue with your laptop speaker. Let us diagnose it for you and we can provide you with the repair solutions for your Dell laptop.

Q: How To Repair Ibm Laptop?

A: If you let us know what kind of repair you want to do on your IBM laptop, we can provide you the proper steps for repair procedures.

Q: How To Repair Laptop Battery Not Charging?

A: First diagnose why the laptop battery is not charging. Is it because of charging port? Charger? Battery? Motherboard? After diagnosing your laptop we can provide you with the necessary steps to repair your laptop battery charging problem.

Q: How To Repair Laptop Keyboard Keys?

A: It depends on the brand of laptop you want to repair your keyboard because different brands and models of laptops have different techniques to repair keyboard key.

Q: How To Repair My Laptop?

A: What kind of repair do you want on your laptop? Is it a screen replacement? Is it a battery replacement? Is it a charging port repair? If you can give us the issue of your laptop and let us diagnose your laptop, we can provide the proper repair solutions for your laptop.

Q: How To Repair Sony Laptop?

A: Let us know what kind of repair you want on your Sony Laptop and the model of the Sony laptop and we can provide you the repair techniques for your Sony Laptop.

Q: How To Repair Water Damaged Laptop?

A: First dry your laptop by placing it in an upside down position. After drying your laptop, perform ultrasonic cleaning on your laptop motherboard and then check whether there is still damage on the motherboard and perform board repair on the laptop.

Q: How To Repair Your Laptop Battery?

A: What seems to be the problem with your battery? Is your battery not holding charge? Is your battery not turning on? Batteries have a chemical age and with time a battery’s ability to perform degrades and when your laptop battery is at it’s highest life cycle count it is better to just replace the battery.

Q: Where To Get My Dell Laptop Repaired?

A: You can get your Dell Laptop Repaired at PC Service Dallas. Our location is 2629 N Stemmons Fwy 106, Dallas TX.

Q: Can Best Buy Repair Laptops?

A: Yes, best buy can repair laptops.

Q: Can Cracked Laptop Screens Be Repaired?

A: Yes a cracked laptop screen can be repaired.

Q: Can You Repair A Cracked Screen On A Laptop?

A: Yes, we can repair a cracked screen of a laptop.

Q: How Long Does It Take Hp To Repair A Laptop?

A: The time for repairing your laptop depends on the type of repair you want done on your laptop.

Q: How Much To Repair Dc Jack On Laptop?

A: If you can give us your laptop brand and model number then we can give you a quote for your laptop DC Jack Repair.

Q: How Much To Repair Hard Drive On Laptop?

A: To replace your hard drive, we charge you for the cost of the hard drive and labor on your laptop.

Q: How To Repair Asus Laptop Power Jack?

A: Let us know the model number of your ASUS laptop and we can give you an exact price for your repair.

Q: How To Repair Audio Jack Of Laptop?

A: You open your laptop casing and find the audio jack. If not soldered remove the connection to the motherboard and replace the audio jack on your laptop.

Q: How To Repair Internal Hard Disk Of Laptop?

A: You can use hard disk repair tools like disk utility to repair internal hard disk software issues.

Q: How To Repair Laptop Graphics Card?

A: You can apply thermal paste on your laptop graphics card if your laptop’s graphic card dry thermal paste is the issue for your graphics card problem. If not let us diagnose your laptop for you and provide you with the proper repair solutions for your graphics card.

Q: How To Repair Missing Operating System In Asus Laptop Computer?

A: If there is no operating system on your laptop computer, how can you repair it. Try reinstalling an operating system on your ASUS laptop.

Q: How To Repair Windows 7 On Asus Laptop?

A: You can use windows recovery softwares to repair Windows 7 on your ASUS laptop.

Q: How To Repair Your Laptop Screen?

A: What seems to be the problem with your laptop screen? Is it physical damage or do you see graphics issue on your laptop? Let us know by giving us a call and we can help you get it repaired.

Q: Where Can I Take My Laptop For Repair?

A: You can take your Laptop for repair at PC Service Dallas. We provide laptop repair services to all the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

Q: Where To Get My Laptop Repaired?

A: You can get your laptop repaired at PC Service Dallas.

Q: Are Laptop Screens Repairable?

A: Yes, Laptop Screens are repairable.

Q: Can A Laptop Screen Be Repaired?

A: Yes, a Laptop Screen Be Repaired.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Repair A Laptop?

A: The laptop repair could take 15 minutes or 3-4 days depending on the repair needed for your laptop.

Q: How Much To Repair A Laptop Power Jack?

A: To give you a price to repair a laptop power jack, we will need to know the model number and brand of your laptop.

Q: How Much Would It Cost To Repair A Laptop?

A: What kind of repair do you want for your laptop repair. Laptop repairs can cost you anywhere from $20 to $1000 depending on the type of laptop and the repair you need.