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If you’re looking for a repair service for your iMac near the Highland Park area then we are here to help you get your iMac issues fixed. PC Service Dallas provides the best iMac repair, upgrade, IT support and diagnostics services for all the residents of the Highland Park Dallas area. Need to get your iMac hard drive repaired? Want a faster iMac? Need to get your iMac rid of viruses and malware? No matter what the issue with your iMac is both hardware and software related, the certified technicians here at PC service Dallas are here to help you get your iMac issues fixed. Give us a call today on 469-778-4130 and let us know your iMac problems and our certified Mac technician will provide you with the repair options accordingly.



We have a team of certified Mac technicians who have several years of expertise in fixing all sorts of issues related to repairs both hardware and software related. Our technicians will diagnose your iMac for any abnormalities and provide you with the best repair solution for your iMac.

The most popular iMacs used nowadays are the 21.5-inch iMacs and the 27-inch iMacs and each iMac is different and has a separate model in accordance with the size, manufactured year and functions. We provide iMac® repair services on all models of iMac®s including 2017 iMac® Pro 5K 27-inch Retina® Display (A1862), 2019 iMac® 21.5-inch 4K Retina® Display i3, i5 & i7 (A2116), 2019 iMac® 5K 27-inch Retina® Display i5 & i9 (A2115), 2017 iMac® 27-inch 5K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2015 iMac® 27-inch 5K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2014 iMac® 27-inch 5K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2013 iMac® 27-inch display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2012 iMac® 27-inch display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2017 iMac® 21.5-inch 4K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1418), 2015 iMac® 21.5-inch 4K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1418), 2013 iMac® 21.5-inch Display i5 & i7 (A1418), 2012 iMac® 21.5-inch Display i5 & i7 (A1418), (2009-2011) iMac® 27-inch display Core 2 Duo, i3, i5 & i7 (A1312), (2009-2011) iMac® 21.5-inch Core 2 Duo, i3, i5 & i7 (A1311), iMac® 24-inch display (A1225), iMac® A1200, iMac® A1224, iMac® A1207, iMac® A1208, iMac® A1174, iMac® A1173, iMac® A1076, iMac® A1058.


The repair, upgrades and IT support services we provide for all models of iMacs at the Highland Park location include:

  • iMac SSD replacement Highland Park
  • iMac Hard Drive replacement and upgrade Highland Park
  • iMac Data Recovery Highland Park
  • iMac liquid damage repair Highland Park
  • iMac power supply replacement Highland Park
  • iMac Screen and LCD replacement Highland Park
  • iMac OSX Installation and Configuration Highland Park
  • iMac Wi-Fi/Bluetooth not working fix Highland Park
  • iMac Facetime or camera not working fix Highland Park
  • iMac USB not working fix Highland Park
  • iMac overheating issue fix Highland Park
  • iMac motherboard repair and replacement Highland Park
  • iMac fan and heatsink replacement Highland Park
  • iMac Kernel Panic repair Highland Park
  • iMac CPU Upgrade Highland Park
  • iMac BIOS unlock configuration Highland Park
  • iMac RAM upgrade Highland Park
  • iMac question mark folder repair Highland Park
  • iMac white screen repair Highland Park
  • iMac stuck on Apple logo repair Highland Park
  • iMac no display beeping noise repair Highland Park
  • iMac display issue repair Highland Park
  • iMac not turning on repair Highland Park
  • iMac randomly restarting and freezing repair Highland Park
  • iMac password removal Highland Park
  • iMac virus removal Highland Park


iMac pro stuck on apple logo and not turning on repair southlake

On-site Mac Repair Services For Highland Park

PC Service Dallas is an industry-leading pioneer in affordable and quality computer and smartphone repair. We offer technical support for both hardware and software problems on a computer. We repair all kinds of desktop, laptop, notebook, tablets, smartphones, and many other devices. All our services are designed to be convenient, hassle-free, affordable to our clients for a suitable repair experience. You can bring your device to us at our convenient location, or you can choose to get a home service. We will either come to your house and fix it there or bring the device back, fix it and deliver it back to your house. Give us a call about your device, we will fix your appliance in no time.

We serve clients from all over the Highland Park Dallas areas including Byron Ave Highland Park, Cowper Ave Highland Park, Drexel Dr. Highland Park, Eton Ave Highland Park, Fairfield Ave Highland Park, Highland Dr. Highland Park, Highland Dr. Highland Park, Oxford Ave Highland Park, St Johns Dr, Highland Park Lomo Alto, Highland Park Abbot, Highland Park Cole, Highland Park Roland, Highland Park Village, Highland Park Preston Road, Highland Park Turtle Creek, etc. 

We also cover zip code including Highland Park Dallas 75205, Highland Park Dallas 75209, Highland Park Dallas 75219, Highland Park Dallas 75283, Highland Park Dallas 75284, Highland Park Dallas 75391.iMac-repair-services-21.5'-and-27'


Slow iMac Repair Highland Park


Is your iMac operating extremely slow? Does it take a long time to open your iMac after pushing the power button? Do your iMac applications often freeze and a beach ball sign appears? All of these issues can be caused due to failing hard drive, viruses or malware, less iMac memory, nearly full iMac storage, iMac graphics card issue, etc.

First, you can try doing an SMC Reset on your iMac to see if it resolves the slow iMac. Then you can also try an NVRAM Reset on your iMac. You can also try to check your storage capacity and if the storage is nearly at the full capacity if possible migrate the data to another storage device and restart your iMac. If these solutions were not able to fix your Slow iMac issue, then it is time to get your iMac hardware upgraded.

Upgrade Options

imac upgrades and repair services computer dallas

Some of the upgrade options we provide for the iMac are not applicable to all models of iMac. We need to know your iMac model number in order to suggest you the proper upgrade option for your iMac. Some of the upgrade options we provide for iMac are listed down below:

Memory Upgrade

iMac-memory-upgrade-dallasOne of the ways to make your slow iMac system fast again is to get your iMac memory upgraded. The memory upgrade capability also differs according to the model, some models can only support up to 16 GB of memory whereas the newer 2019 models have memory upgradeable up to 64 GB and can support up to 128 GB of memory. The higher the GB of memory you have, the faster your iMac system will be. Your iMac having more memory will directly influence the speed of operation because the data transfer due to higher RAM memory will be faster since more data will be stored in the temporary RAM memory making the processing faster. Give us a call today on 469-778-4130 detailing your iMac model number and we can provide you with a free quote on upgrading your iMac memory to the upgradable option that you would like.

Hard Disk Drive Upgrade

imac-hdd-upgrade-dallasSome of the time, your iMac will have slower performance because of a hard drive failure. The average life span of a hard drive is three to five years because of the mechanism that the hard drive operates on. The hard drive is a mechanical storage device that has several moving parts that function together to store data magnetically onto a platter on the hard drive. As time passes, the mechanical process the hard drive does to store data will have issues due to failure on some moving hard drive parts. iMac slowing down is also caused by this issue or it could be that your iMac hard drive storage capacity is almost full hence fewer data can be written and fewer operations can be performed. That is why hard drive upgrades are necessary for iMac system optimization. Our certified iMac.

SSD Upgrade


Statistically, SSDs are way faster than your regular hard disk drives. They consume less power and are more reliable than hard drives because they don’t contain moving mechanical parts to save data but function through electric circuits to save data on the NAND chip. Upgrading to a newer SSD will significantly increase your iMac performance speed. Let us help get your iMac performance speed up by upgrading your iMac storage to a faster SSD.

Testing Procedure

imac-testing-service-dallasAfter providing the iMac upgrade, we will also check your iMac hardware and software compatibility and perform a 13 point test including a graphics stress test, hardware component testing, thermal testing, BIOS test, I/O test, POST test, Sensor testing, Boot testing, OSX compatibility testing, Memory Testing, etc. We also provide IT technical support even after the repair or upgrade procedure up to 90 days.

Flashing Question Mark Folder Repair Highland Park


When your iMac displays a flashing question mark folder, it is because the iMac is unable to load the OSX from the hard drive. This could be because of a failing hard drive or corrupted OSX or bad connection, etc. Don’t worry, we can help you out with your flashing question mark folder display issue on your iMac. Let our certified iMac repair specialist diagnose your issue with your iMac and we can provide you with the best iMac repair solution for your iMac.

iMac Broken Screen Replacement Highland Park


Do you have a broken, cracked or shattered screen on your iMac? We understand that accidents happen and you might just need to get your iMac broken screen replaced! Is your iMac screen displaying bleeding LCD signs or RGB lines on the screen? This issue can make your iMac display nonfunctional. PC Service Dallas provides iMac broken screen replacement services for both Retina & Non-Retina models of iMac near Dallas. Our certified Mac technicians can help solve any kind of issues you might have with your iMac whether they may be physical damage or internal board issue or liquid damage. We have the expertise and arsenal of parts to provide you with iMac Retina & Non-Retina screen replacement service, so rest assured you can get your iMac broken screen issue resolved soon.

iMac Data Services Highland Park


Need to recover data from your iMac near Dallas location? PC Service Dallas can help. We understand how important data can be to our customers and take complete data privacy when working with iMac data. We have a team of certified data recovery specialists who have several years of expertise in the data recovery field and are equipped with the knowledge and the tools to get your data recovered or transferred or cloned into other storage devices. Give us a call today on 469-778-4130 and discuss your iMac data service needs with one of our certified techs and we can help by providing you with the different data service you might need for your iMac.

iMac Data Migration

imac-data-migration-dallasDo you have an iMac that’s not turning on due to power failure or you are unable to access your files on your iMac? Don’t worry PC Service Dallas will help you to migrate your data from your iMac to any storage device of your choice. Have our data recovery specialist check your iMac for data migration and we can provide you with the free quote for data migration on your iMac. Give us a call today on 469-778-4130 and set an appointment with us.

iMac Data Recovery

imac-data-recovery-dallasAccidentally deleted data from your iMac? Corrupted files or data need to be recovered from your iMac? Storage not detecting on your iMac? No matter what issue you might have with your iMac, the leading data recovery experts at PC Service Dallas are capable of recovering your data from your iMac. Some of the storage media on your iMac we can recover your data from include:

iMac Hard Drive Data Recovery

The chances that your hard drive might crash is too high after certain years of usage. If your hard drive crashes then it will take the data stored in it as well. So, if you need to get your iMac hard drive data recovered, we can diagnose your hard drive and provide you with the proper recovery solutions. Sometimes the issue could be with the hard drive PCB board or it could be due to malfunctioning read/write heads or damaged platter. We will then provide you with a quote to continue for the recovery process and we will recover your data for you.

iMac SSD Data Recovery

SSDs are not prone to failure but they are just more reliable and efficient than a hard drive. This means that even the SSDs installed and used on your iMac could crash which might result in loss of data. Don’t worry the data recovery experts at PC Service Dallas will help you to get your data recovered from any storage media including SSDs. Give us a call and set an appointment with us to get your iMac SSD diagnosed for data recovery.

iMac Fusion Drive Data Recovery

In some models of iMac, fusion drives are the main storage media for data. In the case of data recovery from a fusion drive, it is very necessary to be able to recover data from both the hard drive and m2 SSD. The SSD contains the operating system files and user caches so it is important for both the hard drive and SSD to be present in order to recover the data from the fusion drive. Let us help get your iMac data recovered from your iMac

iMac Data Cloning

imac-data-cloning-service-dallasAre you trying to transfer to a new Mac or new computer system from your iMac? PC Service Dallas can help you set up your new iMac or Mac computers as your old one with the same application files and data. Give us a call and let us know your system requirements and we will help you clone your iMac to another Mac computer.

iMac Fresh Start Configuration Highland Park

imac-osx-setup-configuration-service-dallas-PCSERVICEDALLASNeed to restore your iMac? Is your iMac infected with viruses? Does your iMac have too many files you don’t need? Do you get pop-ups when you use your iMac? We provide iMac fresh start configuration and performance optimization for iMac of all models. If your iMac is running slow, infected with viruses or you want your iMac to perform like it was brand new, then we can help you with the fresh start configuration for your iMac.

iMac Graphics/ Display Error Repair Highland Park

iMac-graphics-issue-repair-dallasDisplay issues on your iMac can also be caused by various things such as loose flex, bad LCD, graphics card issue, bad RAM, corrupted OSX or malware, etc. Don’t worry, when we perform a diagnostic test on your iMac, we will make sure to check out every factor that could cause your iMac display to malfunction and then inform you of the available repair solutions.

iMac Overheating Repair Highland Park


Is your iMac overheating? Overheating on an iMac is causing due to a fan or heatsink failure or it could be because of a thermal paste drying in the graphics card or CPU or it could be a logic board issue. No matter what’s causing your iMac to overheat, our certified technicians will be able to diagnose and provide you with the repair solutions for your iMac.

iMac OSX Configuration Highland Park


The newer OSXs comes with more functionality and better security for your iMac. More applications are running on your new OSX to provide these services, which require OSX to have more resident memory in the RAM. For a smooth performance on your iMac, we recommend upgrading or downgrading your OSX to the compatible OSX.

iMac Software Issue Repair Highland Park

imac-software-issue-repair-dallasAre you not able to download and install new software? Is your iMac stuck on a white screen? Does your application suddenly quit and display an error message like ” Finder quit unexpectedly”? These issues are caused due to software on your iMac. It could be a virus issue or corrupted system files issue. Don’t worry or certified iMac repair technician will diagnose your iMac software and provide you with the proper repair solution for your iMac software issues.

iMac Firmware Passcode Recovery Highland Park


If you want to remove the firmware passcode from your iMac, then let us know we will gladly help take care of that issue with your iMac. Our iMac repair specialists are capable of performing a firmware passcode recovery on your iMac. Give us a call today detailing your model of iMac and we can provide you with a free quote on your iMac firmware passcode recovery.

iMac Power Supply Issue Repair Highland Park

iMac not turning on repair service dallasWhen your iMac is not charging, there could be an issue with the power adapter or power outlet. Make sure to check that out. If both of them are not the problem then your iMac problem could be coming from the power supply port or the logic board itself. Don’t worry our certified Mac repair specialists can help diagnose your iMac problem and give you the proper repair remedy to solve your iMac charging issues.

iMac Network Setup Highland Park

imac-network-setup-issue-repair-pcservicedallasDo you need to set up a home network or a business network with your iMac? Having trouble with your iMac network setup and need help in troubleshooting your iMac network issues? PC Service Dallas is here to help you out with setting up your iMac network.

iMac Apple logo Stuck Repair Highland Park

Apple-iMac-stuck-on-apple-logo-repair-dallasIf your iMac is stuck on the Apple logo then it could be because of a hardware related issue or software related issue. The main purpose of the apple logo loading sign is to determine any vulnerabilities in the iMac and if everything is functional or not. If some sensor or parts of the iMac is not functional then your iMac will be stuck on the Apple logo. Don’t worry our certified technicians will diagnose what sort of issue you have with your iMac and provide you with the repair options accordingly.

iMac Kernel Panic Repair Highland Park

iMac kernel panic repair dallasIf your iMac is showing an error message like the one on the picture then it means that your iMac is having a kernel panic situation. This usually happens when the iMac system software and the iMac system hardware become incompatible and the iMac is unable to boot or perform its functions. Don’t worry we can help get your kernel panic iMac repaired. Our certified Mac repair experts are adept at handling any kinds of issues with your iMac including kernel panic repair on your iMac.

iMac Virus Removal Highland Park

imac virus removal service dallasPeople think that Apple computers don’t get viruses but that is not true. It could have been true back in the day, but nowadays there are lots of viruses that target Apple computers. Dealing with a virus situation can be very stressful since all your important data and content you saved in your iMac can be leaked to anyone on the internet. It should be taken care of immediately. Some of the common symptoms of iMac viruses are Slow iMac performance, difficulty accessing files, nearly full iMac storage, random pop-ups on iMac screen, etc.

Don’t worry have us take care of all the viruses and malware in your iMac. Our certified virus removal experts have years of expertise in removing viruses from MacBooks and other Apple computers. Give us a call to set an appointment with us or stop by PC Service Dallas with your iMac so we can work on removing viruses from your iMac right away. You can also book us for iMac home repair service detailing the issue and one of our certified repair techs will be sent to your location right away.

Why Choose Our iMac Repair Service Highland Park?

Certified Professionals

PC Service Dallas has a team of professional computer repair technicians that provide repair, upgrade and support services for all windows and apple computers with several years of experience, knowledge and the right tools and software required to get the repair done fast and in a convenient way.

Data Privacy

We understand that the data inside the computer is of the utmost importance to the user, so we don’t interfere with your personal data unless required by the task and authorized by the owner of the computer. In the case of data recovery, we recover your data and the data recovered goes to you and you only and after the file is transferred over to you (our customer) we delete the data from our computer system after you verify your data or after a week.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees when it comes to any of the services that are provided by PC Service Dallas. We inform you about the quote and service that we provide for any of your device upfronts and will only carry on with the repair after we get the approval from you, so rest assured you are completely in control when it comes to deciding whether you want to continue with the repair process or not.

Fast & Quality Service

PC Service Dallas provides express services along with quality repair parts and that is the reason why we are able to provide our customers with a warranty service on almost all of our repair service. Our certified techs have years of experience in handling all kinds of computer-related issues, so we can provide our customers with a fast repair turn around.

Appointment & Walk-Ins

Both appointments and walk-ins are welcomed in this institution. If you need an express service you can just walk into our store and one of our certified techs will be able to help you right away. Even if you’re busy, you can always set an appointment with us and come to our store at your convenience.


There are several instances when people need same day service. And for that reason, some of the Same Day repair services we provide for Highland Park location include:

  • Same-Day iMac Hard drive replacement service Highland Park
  • Same-Day iMac SSD Upgrade service Highland Park
  • Same-Day iMac RAM Upgrade service Highland Park
  • Same-Day iMac Virus Removal service Highland Park
  • Same-Day iMac Fresh Start service Highland Park
  • Same-Day iMac Data Migration service Highland Park
  • Same-Day iMac Password Removal service Highland Park
  • Same-Day iMac Anti-virus Installation service Highland Park
  • Same-Day iMac Wifi repair service Highland Park
  • Same-Day iMac OSX configuration service Highland Park

iMac repair service Dallas

Learn more about our computer repair services for Highland Park here.

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