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Looking for professional iMac repair services near the Dallas? PC Service Dallas provides all kinds of repair services for all models of iMac including the iMac loud fan noise and overheating iMac repair services. So, if you’re seeking expert help to get your iMac fan repaired,  just give us a call on 469-778-4130 and set an appointment with us or stop by PC Service Dallas with your iMac and we can get your iMac diagnosed and repaired.

We have a team of certified iMac experts who are adept at handling any kind of issues associated with iMac. We provide in-store and at home iMac hardware parts replacement services to all the residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Just give us a call to set an appointment with one of our certified iMac repair specialist or stop by PC Service Dallas to get your iMac diagnosed and repaired. If you want to book us for a home/office onsite repair service then you can give us a call detailing the model number and issue with your iMac and one of our repair specialists will be dispatched to your Carrolton location.


The most popular iMacs used nowadays are the 21.5-inch iMacs and the 27-inch iMacs and each iMac is different and has a separate model in accordance with the size, manufactured year and functions. We provide iMac® repair services on all models of iMac®s including 2017 iMac® Pro 5K 27-inch Retina® Display (A1862), 2019 iMac® 21.5-inch 4K Retina® Display i3, i5 & i7 (A2116), 2019 iMac® 5K 27-inch Retina® Display i5 & i9 (A2115), 2017 iMac® 27-inch 5K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2015 iMac® 27-inch 5K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2014 iMac® 27-inch 5K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2013 iMac® 27-inch display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2012 iMac® 27-inch display i5 & i7 (A1419), 2017 iMac® 21.5-inch 4K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1418), 2015 iMac® 21.5-inch 4K Retina® Display i5 & i7 (A1418), 2013 iMac® 21.5-inch Display i5 & i7 (A1418), 2012 iMac® 21.5-inch Display i5 & i7 (A1418), (2009-2011) iMac® 27-inch display Core 2 Duo, i3, i5 & i7 (A1312), (2009-2011) iMac® 21.5-inch Core 2 Duo, i3, i5 & i7 (A1311), iMac® 24-inch display (A1225), iMac® A1200, iMac® A1224, iMac® A1207, iMac® A1208, iMac® A1174, iMac® A1173, iMac® A1076, iMac® A1058.


Some of our iMac fan repair and replacement service we provide in the Carrolton area include:

  1. iMac Retina Loud Fan repair service Carrolton
  2. iMac Non-Retina Loud Fan repair Carrolton
  3. iMac 21.5″ 4K Loud Fan repair Carrolton
  4. iMac 27″ 5K Loud Fan repair Carrolton
  5. iMac Overheating Fan repair Carrolton
  6. iMac Heatsink Failure repair Carrolton
  7. iMac Fan Failure repair Carrolton
  8. iMac Fan and Logic board issue repair Carrolton
  9. iMac Fan spinning loud noise repair Carrolton
  10. iMac Fan too fast-spinning repair Carrolton
  11. iMac Fan Hardware failure repair Carrolton
  12. iMac Fan Software failure repair Carrolton
  13. iMac Broken Fan replacement service Carrolton
  14. iMac Broken Heatsink replacement service Carrolton


iMac FAN control application


PC Service Dallas is an independent computer repair and IT support company that strives to provide reliable repairs along with excellent customer satisfaction to our clients. We are locally located in Dallas, Texas. Inwood Rd and N Stemmons Fwy.

We service clients from all over Carrolton including Carrollton Arbor Creek, Carrollton Austin Waters, Carrollton Avondale, Carrollton Briarwyck Estates, Carrollton Carillon Hills, Carrollton Carrollton Highlands, Carrollton Castle Hills, Carrollton Cedar Elm Estates, Carrollton Copperwood, Carrollton Country North Estates, Carrollton Country Place, Carrollton Coyote Ridge, Carrollton Creekridge, Carrollton Creekside, Carrollton Crosby Estates, Carrollton Elm Wood Trail, Carrollton Francis Perry, Carrollton Furneaux Creek Condos, Carrollton Grandview Ridge, Carrollton High Country, Carrollton Highlands of Carrollton, Carrollton Indian Creek, Carrollton Jackson Arms, Carrollton Josey Ranch, Carrollton Keller Springs Village, Carrollton Kingspoint, Carrollton Mallard Cove, Carrollton Meadow Green Park, Carrollton Meadow Ridge, Carrollton Metro, Carrollton Mill Run, Carrollton Millview Place, Carrollton Moore Farm, Carrollton Morningside, Carrollton Mustang Park, Carrollton Northcrest Estates, Carrollton Nottingham Estates, Carrollton Oak Creek Estates, Carrollton Oak Hills, Carrollton Oak Tree North Estates, Carrollton Oakwood Springs, Carrollton Park Vista Estates, Carrollton Quail Creek North, Carrollton Rollingwood Estates, Carrollton Rosemeade, Carrollton Shops at Prestonwood, Carrollton Stone Creek Estates, Carrollton Summertree, Carrollton The Greens of Greenway Park, Carrollton Trafalgar Square, Carrollton Warmington Meadows, Carrollton Windmill Hill, Carrollton Woodgate, Carrollton Woodlake, Carrollton Villas at Parker, etc

We also cover zip code including Carrollton 75006, Carrollton 75007, Carrollton 75010, Carrollton 75011, Carrollton 75019

Slow iMac Repair Dallas Texas

Why choose our iMac Fan repair Services, Carrolton?



There won’t be any kind of hidden fees associated with the repair. The quote we provide will already include the price for the labor, part, and service that we provide. We will make sure that our customers are on board with the price before we proceed with the repair.


We have faster repair turn around time since our technicians have several years of experience in working with all kinds of devices and models of computers. Fast problem identification and isolation allows us to provide our customers with express repair services.


We use the highest standard of repair parts for our repair services and that is the reason why we are able to provide a warranty on all of our repair services that need a replacement. Our technicians have proper knowledge of the ESD precautions and safety measures to ensure that your device is properly handled.


If you need to make an immediate request for repair or you want to set a date to bring your device in for repair, we are always here to provide you with our affordable and reliable repair service.


Most of the repair services we provide are done within the same day depending on the part availability. So, you can rely on us to provide you with a fast and reliable service that you deserve. PC Service Dallas strives its best to provide our customers with the best repair service at a minimal time to ensure that the customer’s work is not being affected by the situation.


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Apart from iMac Fan repair Services we also provide the following iMac Repair services in Carrolton:

  • iMac Graphics Card Repair Service Carrolton
  • iMac Retina Screen Repair Service Carrolton
  • iMac Non-Retina Wifi Repair Service Carrolton
  • iMac Power Supply Repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Logic Board Repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Ultrasonic Cleaning repair service Carrolton
  • iMac OS X Configuration and repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Hard drive Repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Broken Screen Repair Carrolton
  • iMac SSD Repair Service Carrolton
  • iMac Hinge Repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Question mark folder repair service Carrolton
  • iMac RAM repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Memory upgrade and repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Apple logo stuck repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Virus removal service Carrolton
  • iMac Data recovery service Carrolton
  • iMac Data migration service Carrolton
  • iMac Liquid damage repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Upgrade and repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Diagnostics and repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Overheating repair service Carrolton
  • iMac Speakers repair service Carrolton


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where Can I Get My iMac Repaired?

A: You can get your iMac repaired at PC Service Dallas. We provide iMac repair services.

Q: How To Repair iMac G5 Power Supply?

A: You can repair the iMac G5 power supply by following the iMac repair guides. If you don’t find the guides and don’t know how to repair your iMac G5 Power supply we can help you get it repaired. We provide iMac repair services.

Q: How To Repair iMac Keyboard?

A: What seems to be the problem with your iMac keyboard? Is your keyboard key not working or is your keyboard not working at all or did one of your keyboard keys fall off the keyboard?

Q: How To Repair iMac Screen?

A: You can repair the iMac screen by replacing the LCD or screen of your iMac. If you don’t know how to replace the screen then you can bring your iMac to PC Service Dallas. We will help you get your iMac Screen Repaired.

Q: How To Repair iMac Disk?

A: What seems to be the problem with your iMac disk? Is it not taking CD? Does it not eject? If you bring your iMac to PC Service Dallas, we can help get your iMac disk repaired after diagnosing the issue with your iMac disk.

Q: How Much To Repair iMac Screen?

A: The cost of the iMac screen repair depends on the model of the iMac screen you want to repair.

Q: How To Repair An iMac?

A: What type of repair do you want to perform on your iMac? What seems to be the problem with your iMac? If you can bring your iMac over to our Dallas store we can diagnose your iMac and provide you the repair guide for your iMac or repair your iMac for you.

Q: How To Repair iMac Hard Drive?

A: Hard drives once they start failing are not recommended to be repaired and used because failing hard drive create bad sectors in the hard disk which will eventually delete data.

Q: How To Repair The iMac Power Supply?

A: To repair the power supply on the iMac, we need to diagnose what is causing the power supply issue then if that is due to hardware and software components, repair it.

Q: Are iMac Easy To Repair?

A: If you have the knowledge on iMac it is easy to repair. If you don’t, we can help you repair your iMac. We provide iMac repair services.

Q: Can I Repair My iMac?

A: Yes you can, you just need to have the proper toolset, ESD precautions, and knowledge on iMac repair that you want to perform. If you don’t have any of the following, give PC Service Dallas a phone call. We provide an iMac repair service.

Q: Can You Repair An iMac?

A: Yes, we can repair iMac. We provide iMac repair services.

Q: How Much Does iMac Repair Cost?

A: The cost of an iMac repair depends on the type of repair you want and the model number of the iMac.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Repair An iMac Screen?

A: Cost of iMac screen repair depends on the model of the iMac. Give us a call and we can provide you the exact price for your model of iMac.

Q: How Much To Get An iMac Screen Repaired Apple Care?

A: The price depends on the model of the iMac screen you want to get repaired.