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Looking to get your iMac OSX® configured? PC Service Dallas provides complete repair, upgrade and IT support services for iMac near the Highland Park area. Do you want to upgrade your iMac to the newest OSX® or looking to get it downgraded to the OSX® of your choice? Is your iMac displaying a question mark folder or prohibit sign? Is your iMac stuck on the Apple logo? Don’t worry no matter what issue you have with your iMac hardware or software related, the certified Mac technicians at PC Service Dallas are here to get your iMac fixed.


imac-osx-setup-configuration-service-PCSERVICEDALLASWe provide support and upgrade services for all models of iMac. Give us a call on 469-778-4130 detailing your iMac model number and year or your iMac serial number and we can help you figure out whether your iMac OSX® can be upgraded or downgraded or fixed. Our certified Mac technicians have several years of expertise in fixing all sorts of issues related to iMac, so rest assured the professional Mac technicians will help get your iMac issues resolved.

We Service iMac of all models including A1862, A2115, A1419, A1312, A1418, A1311, A1225, A1200, A1224, A1207, A1208, A1174, A1173, A1076, A1058.


Some of the same day iMac OSX® Configuration services we provide for iMac include

  • iMac Question Mark Folder OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac Prohibit sign OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac White Screen OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac Apple logo stuck OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac El Capitan OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac Sierra OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac High Sierra OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac Mojave OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac Catalina OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac Snow Leopard OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac Lion OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac Yosemite OSX® Configuration service
  • iMac Mavericks OSX® Configuration service




PC Service Dallas is an industry-leading pioneer in affordable and quality computer and smartphone repair. We offer technical support for both hardware and software problems on a computer. We repair all kinds of desktop, laptop, notebook, tablets, smartphones, and many other devices. All our services are designed to be convenient, hassle-free, affordable to our clients for a suitable repair experience. You can bring your device to us at our convenient location, or you can choose to get a home service. We will either come to your house and fix it there or bring the device back, fix it and deliver it back to your house. Give us a call about your device, we will fix your appliance in no time.

We serve clients from all over the Highland Park Dallas areas including Byron Ave Highland Park, Cowper Ave Highland Park, Drexel Dr. Highland Park, Eton Ave Highland Park, Fairfield Ave Highland Park, Highland Dr. Highland Park, Highland Dr. Highland Park, Oxford Ave Highland Park, St Johns Dr.

We also cover zip code including Highland Park Dallas 75205, Highland Park Dallas 75209, Highland Park Dallas 75219, Highland Park Dallas 75283, Highland Park Dallas 75284, Highland Park Dallas 75391.



There won’t be any kind of hidden fees associated with the repair. The quote we provide will already include the price for the labor, part, and service that we provide. We will make sure that our customers are on board with the price before we proceed with the repair.


We have faster repair turn around time since our technicians have several years of experience in working with all kinds of devices and models of computers. Fast problem identification and isolation allows us to provide our customers with express repair services.


We use the highest standard of repair parts for our repair services and that is the reason why we are able to provide a warranty on all of our repair services that need a replacement. Our technicians have proper knowledge of the ESD precautions and safety measures to ensure that your device is properly handled.


If you need to make an immediate request for repair or you want to set a date to bring your device in for repair, we are always here to provide you with our affordable and reliable repair service.


Most of the repair services we provide are done within the same day depending on the part availability. So, you can rely on us to provide you with a fast and reliable service that you deserve. PC Service Dallas strives its best to provide our customers with the best repair service at a minimal time to ensure that the customer’s work is not being affected by the situation.

Apart from iMac Hinge repair Services we also provide the following iMac Repair services in Highland Park Dallas:

  • iMac WiFi Repair Service Near Highland Park
  • iMac Power Supply Repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Logic Board Repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Ultrasonic Cleaning repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac OS X Configuration and repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Hard drive Repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Broken Screen Repair Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac SSD Repair Service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Hinge Repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Question mark folder repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac RAM repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Memory upgrade and repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Apple logo stuck repair service, Highland Park, Dallas
  • iMac Virus removal service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Data recovery service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Data migration service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Liquid damage repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Facetime camera repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Upgrade and repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Diagnostics and repair service Highland Park Dallas
  • iMac Overheating repair service Highland Park Dallas


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: How much does it cost to repair my iMac screen?

A: The price of the repair depends on which year and model the iMac is. If you can give me the model number or the serial number of your iMac I will be able to give you the exact price for your iMac model’s screen replacement.

Q: How do I run a diagnostic on my Mac?
A: Disconnect all external devices except the keyboard and mouse. Shutdown the iMac. When turning it on Press and hold ‘D’ on your keyboard immediately after you press the power button.

Q: How can I make my old iMac faster?

A: Quit all the programs that you are not actively using. Reboot your iMac to refresh the memory of your iMac. Transfer data from your hard disk drive to an external hard disk drive. Further, you can install an SSD on your old iMac to get it faster. At PC Service Dallas, we install SSDs professionally.

Q: Will restoring my iMac make it faster?

A: Restoring your iMac can make it faster if the problem is coming from the software. However, if you have a failing hard disk drive or bad RAM, this won’t help.

Q: Does my iMac need antivirus?
A: iMacs usually don’t need antivirus but as the popularity of iMacs is growing. There are more viruses made to target macOS. So, it’s a good idea to install an antivirus to be protected from all kinds of viruses.

Q: My iMac is not turning on. Can you repair it?

A: Yes, we can repair your iMac that’s not turning on. One of our certified Mac repair technicians will diagnose your iMac for issues and after isolating what is causing the problem on your iMac, provide you with the repair options accordingly.

Q: My iMac is stuck on the Apple logo. Can you repair my iMac?

A: Yes, we can repair your iMac that’s stuck on the Apple logo. There are several reasons why your iMac could be stuck on the Apple logo window. Don’t worry when we diagnose your iMac we can figure out exactly what is the problem and repair your iMac for you.

Q: Will upgrading to a new SSD from a hard drive repair my iMac that is stuck on the question mark folder?

A: If the question mark folder was caused by a bad hard drive, then it will repair your iMac stuck in the question mark folder but if it was a corrupted OSX or bad flex then it might not repair your iMac.

Q: How do I fix my iMac?

A: Let us know what needs to be fixed on your iMac and we can provide you with the repair option accordingly. You can bring your iMac to our Dallas location and get it diagnosed and repaired.

Q: Can I refurbish my iMac?

A: Yes, you can refurbish your iMac.

Q: Can a MacBook with water damage be repaired?

A: Yes, a MacBook with water damage can be repaired.

Q: Can you replace a hard drive on iMac?

A: Yes, we can replace the hard drive on iMac on Retina & Non-Retina models.

Q: Can I take my iMac to the Apple store for a repair?

A: Yes you can take it to the Apple store to get your iMac repaired.

Learn more about our services for Highland Park iMac repair here.

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