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PC Service Dallas provides data recovery services for all storage media including the flash storage media like the USB drives, NAND chip on phones, SSDs, etc. Our certified technicians have years of expertise in recovering data from all kinds of storage devices and are highly skilled in recovering data from flash storage. Let our professional data recovery specialists diagnose your flash storage and provide you with the necessary options to recover your important data trapped in the electrical circuit gates of the flash storage.

When we talk about data recovery the first thing that pops in our mind is a computer or a hard drive. But people seem to be forgetting one of the most popular storage media devices which is the flash storage. Flash storage is the new age technology for data storage that stores data electronically using a non-volatile RAM chip for storage processing and is faster than your regular hard drive or CDs. Flash storage mechanism is used in the new SSDs or on USB drives or on your phones to store data.



Some of our Flash storage data recovery services we provide include:

  1. USB Flash Storage data recovery service
  2. SSD Flash Storage data recovery service
  3. SD Card Flash storage data recovery service
  4. iPhone Flash storage data recovery service
  5. Samsung Flash storage data recovery service
  6. Android Flash storage data recovery service
  7. Tablets Flash storage data recovery service
  8. MacBook Flash storage data recovery service
  9. Laptop Flash storage data recovery service
  10. Liquid damage Flash storage data recovery service
  11. Physical damage Flash storage data recovery service
  12. Flash storage corrupted data recovery service
  13. Flash storage data migration and data recovery service
  14. Inaccessible flash storage data recovery service
  15. Unrecognized flash storage data recovery service


When Do You Need Our Flash Storage Data Recovery Services?

Unrecognized or unresponsive flash storage:

If your flash storage becomes unresponsive or unrecognized by your PC, then first try to press your flash storage or USB downwards or upwards and see if there is any activity in the computer about a new storage device is found. If not this could be some physical issue with your flash storage like some circuits could be damaged on your flash storage which would make your flash storage unable to register onto the computer.

Broken flash storage:

If your flash storage is broken then we can still help you recover data from the flash storage depending on which type of flash storage it is, we will use precise soldering to solder the flash storage and recover the data from the broken flash storage. Leave it to the professionals to get your flash storage data recovered while you remain stress-free.

Failed components:

If your flash storage has failed components we will check each and every board component of the flash storage and give you an estimate on the data recovery service. We might even have to remove the NAND storage chip from the PCB board and recover your data since the components of your flash storage have failed.


Why Choose Our Flash Storage Data Recovery Service?

Certified Experts: Our Data recovery experts have several years of experience in the data recovery sector and are certified by Apple, CompTIA, and Microsoft and have the right skills and expertise to be able to recover your data.

Clean Room Environment: Depending on the level of Data recovery, we also facilitate a clean room for Mac hard drive data recovery services to recover data from malfunctioning hard drives.

Data Security: After recovering your data for you, we will not attempt to access or access your data unless authorized by yourself and the recovered data will be safely encrypted with a passcode until the data is safely entrusted to you.

Recovery Methods: After data diagnostics, we will inform the client about the method of data recovery procedure we are opting for and after giving the full details of the pros and cons of each method and approval of the client only will we proceed with the recovery method.

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