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Have problems setting up email? Don’t worry our technicians will set up an email program in your device. All email program uses a set of rules known as a protocol like POP, IMAP, or SMTP to send and receive an email.  The most commonly used protocols are POP and IMAP. To configure email on your device you need to have a device connected with the internet to communicate properly with your service provider. An email address consists of three parts username, service provider and top-level domain. For instance, if your email is is an email address, Techrepairdallas is a user name, Gmail is a service provider and com is a top-level domain. You can choose your username that best suits your mailbox. There are various commercial service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud and more. We will analyze your requirements to find you the best email service, provider. The top-level domain depends on the service provider.  Commercial websites and service providers use .com indicating this is a commercial website similarly universities use .edu.



Our Services:

  • MAC OS.X email configuration
  • Thunderbird email configuration
  • MS Outlook Express email configuration
  • MSOffice Outlook 2007 email configuration
  • iPhone mail configuration
  • SMTP email configuration
  • IMAP 4 email configuration
  • POP3 email configuration

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When do you need email configuration services?

  • New Computer: All services on the internet today require you to signup with some email. If you don’t have an email, we will help you to create an email account that fits your requirements and configure it to your settings.
  • Setting up in phone: Setting up emails on phones could be tricky. We can help you to set up email accounts on your iPhone or Android devices. IOS mail can be a very useful tool for productivity. Stop wasting your time checking your emails on the computer and set it up on your phone.
  • SPAM: We get thousands of spams every month. Sometimes it’s a hassle to clean your mailbox full of spams. The best way to tackle this problem is to install a spam filter on your account to prevent unnecessary junk in your mailbox. We offer spam filtering services for major service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo.

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PC Service Dallas is an industry-leading pioneer in affordable and quality computer and smartphone repair. We offer technical support for both hardware and software problems on a computer. We repair all kinds of desktop, laptop, notebook, tablets, smartphones, and many other devices. All our services are designed to be convenient, hassle-free, affordable to our clients for a suitable repair experience. You can bring your device to us at our convenient location, or you can choose to get a home service. We will either come to your house and fix it there or bring the device back, fix it and deliver it back to your house. Give us a call about your device, we will fix your appliance in no time.

Our certified technical IT professional will perform a diagnostic on your device and suggest repair options available for your computer and recommend the best course of repair. We will communicate with you before we proceed with the repair. Our prices are very competitive in the market. However, if you don’t find it economical to proceed with the repair, we will not proceed with the repair, and it will incur NO CHARGE further.


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Why choose our services?

  1. No Geek Speak: We always speak in plain simple language free of jargon to communicate effectively with our clients. Our technicians are trained to provide analogies, clear explanatory terms to relay information to our clients, so we are on the same page.
  2. Data Privacy: We handle your data with the utmost respect. Your devices have all your information like photos, videos, relevant documents, financial information. When you bring in your device, you trust us with all your essential data. We keep up to that trust and don’t access or store your data unless requested.
  3. Fast & Affordable: Our mission is to help our clients to the best we can. We often even go out of our way to help our clients in case of need. Our services are the fastest, and rates are most competitive in the DFW area.
  4. Certified Experts: Our technicians are certified by CompTIA, Apple, and Microsoft validating their skills and competence. Our technicians know what they are doing and get the job done systematically.
  5. Overall IT Services: We also provide other services for your computer like OS configuration or installation, virus removal, network services. We offer various hardware, software, network, and security services for our clients at very competitive rates.

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We also provide PC Computer repair, laptop notebook repair, smartphone repair, and all kinds of computer repair services in Dallas.

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Q: I need to set up my school email on my iPhone mail, can you help?
A: Yes, we will be more than happy to help you. We need information on your email before we can set it up on your iPhone. Please give us a call.

Q: How long does it take to set up an email account?
A: It takes typically 10-60 minutes to set up an email account. However, this could change depending on your requirements.

Q: Can you access my emails later?
A: No, we won’t store any passwords while setting up email. We encourage you to change your email password periodically.

Q: My email is flooded with thousands of old junk mail. Can you help me reclaim my email?
A: Yes, we can help you to manage your email. We can categorize your important emails to a different section. We can also install spam filters to avoid spams in the future.