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If you’re looking for a quick and affordable computer screen repair service near the Dallas area then PC Service Dallas is here to help. We have an arsenal of computer screens available for replacement services and a team of certified computer repair specialists who have several years of expertise in fixing all computer problems including broken screen replacements and system error repairs. Give us a call today on 469-778-4130 detailing your computer model number and one of our technicians will be able to help you with getting your computer screen fixed.


We work on all laptop and 2 in 1 desktop computers and have trained professionals working on your device and provide fast repair turn around time with a limited-term warranty service on almost all of our computer repair services. No matter what issue you might have with your computer screen, we can help get it fixed. Do you have a cracked screen? Does your computer screen have a bleeding LCD or purple lines or patches on it? Is your computer stuck on a blue screen or white screen? Is the touch not working on your laptop computer? Leave it to the professionals to help with all your computer screen repairs whether they may be hardware related or software-related.

We work on all computers including Apple iMac®, Apple MacBook Pro®, MacBook Air®, Apple MacBook®, Hp Envy®, HP Pavillion®, Lenovo Yoga®, Lenovo Thinkpad®, Lenovo Ideapad®, Dell Inspiron®, Dell 2 in 1®, Dell Latitude®, Dell XPS®, Microsoft Surface®, Microsoft Surface Book®, Surface Pro X®, Asus ROG®, Asus ZenBook®, Huawei Matebook®, Razerblade Pro® and many more.


Some of the screen repair services we provide for computers near the Dallas area include

  • Cracked computer screen repair service
  • Broken laptop computer screen repair service
  • 2 in 1 computer screen repair service
  • Desktop computer screen repair service
  • Computer physical damage screen repair service
  • Computer liquid damage screen repair service
  • Computer black screen of death repair service
  • Computer screen no display repair service
  • Laptop computer screen replacement service
  • Mac desktop computer screen replacement service
  • Computer screen and hinge fix service
  • Hp laptop screen repairs
  • Dell laptop screen repairs
  • 14-inch laptop computer touch screen repair service
  • 15- inch laptop computer screen replacement service
  • 17- inch laptop computer screen repairs
  • Computer LCD screen replacement service
  • Laptop computer screen display assembly repair service
  • Computer 4K display screen repair service
  • Computer 5K display screen repair service
  • Laptop computer FHD display screen repair service
  • Laptop computer HD display screen repair service


Toshiba Laptop repair Service Dallas


PC Service Dallas provides the fastest screen repair service in the Dallas area for all brands of computers. We have been working in the computer repair sector for a long time and have gained skills and gathered resources to tackle any problems. Our technicians are certified by Apple, CompTIA, Microsoft and have years of experience in computer repair and the IT industry. Whatever the problem, we are ready to give you a speedy repair. We have a turnaround time of 1 business day in most cases. No wait times or appointment hassles. Just give us a call and we will be with your right away.

We serve clients from all over Dallas including Dallas Downtown, Dallas Uptown, North Dallas, Highland Park Dallas, Westlake Dallas, Southlake Dallas, University Park Dallas, Flower Mound Dallas, Preston hollow Dallas, Arts District Dallas, Reunion District Dallas, Lewisville, McKinney, Allen, Garland, Grapevine, Denton, Little Elm, Southlake, Farmers Branch, Carrolton, Richardson, Flowermound, etc.    

We also cover zip code including Dallas 75219, Dallas 75205, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75230, Dallas 75201, Dallas 75254, Dallas 75203, Dallas 75214, Dallas 75220, Dallas 75077, Dallas 75019, Dallas 75082, Dallas 76092, Dallas 75094, Dallas 75028, Dallas 75013, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75022, Dallas 75207, Dallas 75247, Dallas 75235, Dallas 75220.

Computer physical damage repair on Microsoft Surface Computer



iMac Retina Screen Service DallasIf your computer has a cracked or broken screen then it is likely that you would want to get it fixed instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a new one. PC Service Dallas provides quick and affordable screen repair services for all laptops, desktops and 2 in 1 computer. Along with the computer screen repair services and replacement services we provide for computers. We understand how valuable your computer is to you so we try to give you the best service for your computer problem often by providing you with warranty services for your computer repair.


MacBook Pro Broken Screen Repair DallasIs the touch on your computer not working? Do you a green or colored line throughout your computer screen? Does your computer only display on half the screen? This seems to be an issue related to a damaged or malfunctioning LCD. Don’t worry the certified computer repair techs at PC Service Dallas can help with getting your computer LCD repaired and make your computer display fully functional again. Just make sure to give us a call and we can help you right away.


Black Dell computer with a blue screen of death diagnosticA blue screen error on your computer screen particularly happens on windows computers which are usually displayed when there are either hardware or software related issues on your computer. The certified techs at PC Service Dallas will diagnose your computer for hardware and software related issues and provide you with the cost-effective and quick repair option for your computer blue screen repair.


Highland park macbook white screen repairA white screen issue mostly happens on Apple Mac computers and just like the blue screen error on Windows computers, the white screen on Mac is also the result of software or hardware related issues. Our certified Mac technicians will diagnose the issue with your computer and help fix your issues with a white screen on your Mac.


laptop-won-t-turn-on-e1339687691747One of the most common computer screen issues is that the computer is not displaying anything on the screen even though the computer seems to be operating. Don’t worry PC Service Dallas can help you with that. We fix all sorts of computer screen issues and no matter what issue your computer screen might have we can help with getting your computer screen display repaired.

Why Choose Our Computer Screen Repair Services?


PC Service Dallas has a team of professional computer repair technicians that provide repair, upgrade and support services for all windows and apple computers with several years of experience, knowledge and the right tools and software required to get the repair done fast and in a convenient way.


We understand that the data inside the computer is of the utmost importance to the user, so we don’t interfere with your personal data unless required by the task and authorized by the owner of the computer. In the case of data recovery, we recover your data and the data recovered goes to you and you only and after the file is transferred over to you (our customer) we delete the data from our computer system after you verify your data or after a week.


There are no hidden fees when it comes to any of the services that are provided by PC Service Dallas. We inform you about the quote and service that we provide for any of your device upfronts and will only carry on with the repair after we get the approval from you, so rest assured you are completely in control when it comes to deciding whether you want to continue with the repair process or not.


PC Service Dallas provides express services along with quality repair parts and that is the reason why we can provide our customers with a warranty service on almost all of our repair service. Our certified techs have years of experience in handling all kinds of computer-related issues, so we can provide our customers with a fast repair turn around.


Both appointments and walk-ins are welcomed in this institution. If you need an express service you can just walk into our store and one of our certified techs will be able to help you right away. Even if you’re busy, you can always set an appointment with us and come to our store at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does it cost to replace a computer screen?

A: The cost for computer screen replacement depends on the brand, model and type of computer screen you need to get replaced.

Q: How much does it cost to replace a touch screen on a laptop?

A: If you can let us know the brand and the model of your laptop, we can let you know the exact price for replacing the touch screen for your laptop.

Q: How do I fix my computer screen?

A: If you let us diagnose or tell us about your computer screen issues we can provide you with repair solutions for your computer screen.

Q: How can I fix my cracked screen?

A: You can fix your cracked computer screen by replacing the screen.

Q: How much is it to fix an HP laptop screen?

A: The price for fixing an HP laptop screen depends on whether it is a touch model or not touch, model number, pin connector, etc. Let us know these details and we can help you right away.

Q: How do I replace my laptop screen?

A: First understand the mechanics of your laptop and then unscrew some screws and take off your laptop screen and replace the screen and screw your screws. This should be done by professionals or in the presence of a professional screen repair technician so that your screen replacement does not damage your new screen or the pin connector on the laptop.

Q: How much is an HP laptop screen?

A: Let us know the model number and we can tell you the price for your model of Hp laptop screen.

Q: Does toothpaste fix cracked screens?

A: A toothpaste can be used to mend a cracked screen but it is still susceptible and vulnerable to physical damage which could do more damage to the LCD or LED of the device.

Q: How much is it to fix a cracked screen?

A: If you let us know which device you would want to fix the cracked screen on we can provide you with the price to get your cracked screen repaired.

Q: How much is it to fix a laptop?

A: Laptop issues can be due to a software-related issue or hardware related issue. Let us diagnose your laptop and we can provide you the price to get your laptop issue fixed.

Q: How do I fix my HP Pavilion screen?

A: What seems to be the issue with your Hp Pavillion? Is your screen cracked? Is the touch not working on your Pavillion laptop? Is your Hp Pavillion stuck on a blue screen error code? No matter what hardware or software related issue you have with your HP Pavillion the computer repair experts at PC Service Dallas can help you get it fixed.

Q: Why is my laptop not turning on?

A: There could be several reasons why your laptop is not turning on like battery issues, charging port issues, screen issues, power button not working, motherboard issue, connectivity issues, RAM issues and many more. We will have to diagnose your laptop for possible hardware failures and let you know the repair option for your laptop not turning on.

Q: Where can I get my HP laptop fixed?

A: You can get your HP laptop fixed at PC Service Dallas located at 2629 N Stemmons Fwy #106, Dallas TX.


Some of the same day computer repair services we provide depending on the parts availability include

  • Computer DC Jack Repair
  • Computer Hard drive replacement
  • Slow Computer Repair
  • Computer virus removal service
  • Computer question mark folder repair
  • Computer ultrasonic cleaning
  • Computer memory upgrade
  • Computer battery replacement
  • Computer charging port repair

Learn more about our Dallas computer repair services here.

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