Bad Cluster Repair Software

Data Recovery from storage device Dallas

When you have a bad cluster on any of your storage devices, it is due to either a software-related issue or a hardware-related issue. It is most common on the hard disk drives because hard disk drives (HDDs) are mechanical storage devices that function because of various moving parts inside the hard disks such as read/write heads, actuator arms, spindle, platter, etc.  So, when either one or a few of these moving parts malfunction then due to the inability of the hard drive to function properly, the hard drive will create bad sectors. The collection of sectors can be the definition of clusters. So, when a few sectors of the HDDs become bad, then the cluster will automatically become bad as well. But it is not necessarily just the hardware components that cause an HDD to have a bad cluster. A bad cluster could be the cause of a software failure as well such as viruses or malware programs inside your hard drive or sudden software failures due to power outage or system errors on your HDD.

It is very difficult to recover data from a physically damaged hard drive and it takes a lot of time and money but if you have the proper software programs, then you could recover data from bad sectors caused due to software failures. The bad clusters created from physical damage are called hard bad sectors and the bad clusters created from software issues are called soft bad sectors.

Some of the bad cluster repair software include:

  1. Disk Genius
  2. HDD Scan
  3. Data Lifeguard Diagnostics by WD
  4. Check Disk
  5. Macrorit Disk Scanner
  6. Flobo Hard Disk Repair
  7. Disk utility
  8. Disk Drill

If you’re not able to recover your data from any of this software, then it probably means that your hard drive has a hard bad sector and data recovery is only possible after your hard disk is repaired. This kind of data recovery procedure is performed in a cleanroom environment in a lab and requires the removal of hard drive parts and replacement of those parts with identical hard drive parts for data recovery purposes. This process could take days or sometimes even months depending on the hard drive part availability and the damage on the hard drive.

PC Service Dallas also provides hard drive data recovery services and have several options for data recovery such as:

  • Level 1 Data Recovery
  • Level 2 Data Recovery
  • Level 3 Data Recovery

Level 1 Data Recovery:

Level 1 Data Recovery is also known as data migration. We provide this service to our clients when their computer is dead or not turning on due to other system failures and they want to recover the data from their computer. For Level 1 Data Recovery Service, we’re going to have to remove the hard drive from the dead computer and use cloning or data transfer software to recover the data from their hard drive and provide them with the option to either get their data backed up onto our external hard drive or bring their own external hard drive. This is also required when you want to use a new computer that uses a different file system format than your previous computer and wants to transfer your data from your old computer to your new computer.

Level 2 Data Recovery:

In the Level 2 Data Recovery service, we recover data from soft bad sector hard disks. In this situation, the hard disk could be inaccesi