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we are locally owned and operated company supporting Dallas residents a. All of us here would like to thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you in the future!

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Our Services

If it involves computers, you can bet it involves us, too. Since the list of possible services we offer and problems we can solve would be overwhelming, here is a sampling of what we can do for you:

  • Microsoft Windows
    We offer a full range of software and hardware services for Windows desktop PCs and laptops of all makes and models.
  • Mac OS
    We’ll help you install and configure your software and network components. We also offer limited hardware troubleshooting and support.
  • Malware & Virus Protection
    Keep your computer and identity safe and secure! We can remove and help to protect you from viruses, spyware, adware, and other malware.
  • Data Protection
    We’ll backup data to just about any device or media type, recover lost or damaged files, and even help you setup backups of your own.
  • Networking
    We can help you setup, troubleshoot, and secure your wired and wireless networks. Ask about installing a firewall today!
  • We provide fast computer repair in Dallas


Affordable tech support doesn’t have to be hard to find. That’s why folks in Dallas Texas  trust  us for computer repair services. As Dallas owned business, we strive to make your entire experience as seamless as possible. Setting an appointment is easy; simply contact us with a brief description of your problem and we’ll start working immediately to solve it. Whether it’s a corrupted operating system or a virus that’s got you down, you’ll only pay if we can fix the problem. If not, we will suggest alternative solutions to get your home or office workstation back to working condition. We are proud to offer Dallas quality computer service at competitive rates, and stand behind our repair.

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Computers Doctor Dallas Computer Repair Laptop service, Virus Removal service in Dallas Texas

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Laptop Repair – Dallas Computer repair , the best place to bring your laptop and notebook for repair in Dallas Texas, or surrounding communities Irving, Grand Prairie, Richardson, Farmers Branch, laptop repair and notebook repair in Dallas Texas

Laptop Repair Services- Irving, Grand Prairie, Richardson, Farmers Branch

Dell Laptop Repair Dallas Texas dell inspiron laptop notebook repair Dallas dell xps laptop notebook repair Dallas Texas l precision laptop notebook repair Dallas Texas dell lattititude notebook repair Dallas Texas

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We repair Dell Lattitude notebooks at a resonable cost to replacement. Most repairs involve spyware adware removal, which typically costs less than $80. We also repair Dell Precision Laptops the latest model Dell XPS laptops – oriented for performance and gaming applications, and the consumer grade Dell Inspiron laptops . Please contact us for a quote.

Toshiba Laptop RepairDallas Texas  toshiba laptop repair Dallas Texas

We also repair the variety of laptops from Toshiba, including:

Toshiba Satellite A105 · A130/A135 · toshiba satellite laptop repair Dallas Texas Toshiba tablet qosmio laptop repair Dallas Texas A200/A205 · A215 · L35 · L45 · M200/M205 · P100/P105 · P200/P205 · U200/U205 · U300/U305 · X205

Qosmio – all models
Tecra – all models
Portégé – all toshiba portege laptop repair Dallas Texas
Most repairs involve spyware adware removal, which typically costs less than $80. Please contact us for a quote.

IBM – Lenovo Laptop Repair Dallas Texas laptop repair ibm lenovo birmingham Dallas Texas lenovo laptop repair Dallas

Thinkpads have been and still are some of the most reliable portables in the market. The have consistently provent themselves to be stable, enough that the business world uses them as a standard. We service all Thinkpads from T20,T21,T22,T23, T30,T31, T32, T40, t41 repair ibm laptop Dallas Texas T41, T42, T43, T60, T61, A20, A21, A22, R30, R40, R50, R60, X20, X21, X22, X23, X30, X31, X32, X40, X41, X42, X43, X60, X61

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Gateway Laptop Dallas Texas

Gateway laptops and notebooks have been a decent consumer grade portabel for a number of years, and the design appears to be solid, with a few noted exceptions. Not as rugged as many competitors, Gateway has introduced many Gateway Laptop repair in Dallas Texas lower-priced machines to compete with Dell and IBM-Lenovo. We service the following makes of Gateway Laptops: 200 Series Notebooks 3000 Series Notebooks, 400 Series Notebooks, 4000 Series Notebooks, 450 Series Notebooks, 600 Series Notebooks, 6000 Series Notebooks, 7000 Series, Notebooks, 8000 Series Notebooks, C-120X Series Notebooks, C-140X Series , Notebooks, CX2000 Series Notebooks, E100 Series Notebooks, E-155 Series authorized Gateway Laptop reai in Dallas Texas hoover, homewood, vestavianotebooks, E-265 Series Notebooks, E-295 Series Notebooks, E-475 Series Notebooks, MX1000 Series Notebooks, M200 Series Notebooks, M300 Series Notebooks, ML3000 Series Notebooks, MT3000 Series Notebooks, MX3000 Series Notebooks, M400 Series Notebooks, MX4000 Series Notebooks, M500 Series Notebooks, M600 Series Notebooks, ML6000 Series Notebooks,MP6000 Series Notebooks, MT6000 Series Notebooks, MX6000 Series Notebooks, M-6800 Series Notebooks, MX7000 Series Notebooks, MP8000 Series Notebooks, MX8000 Series Notebooks, NX Series Notebooks, S-7000 Series Notebooks, Solo® Series Notebooks, T-6800 Series Notebooks, Tablet PC Series

Computer Repairs in Dallas by Computer Experts!

If you need laptop repair in Dallas, look no further. We are the laptop repair experts of Dallas. We can repair anything related to laptops including but not limited to the following:

Hampton Bays Computer Repair

* Laptop Power Jack Repair (AC/DC Jacks are sometimes called power ports)
* Laptop Screen Replacement
* Laptop Hardware Upgrades (RAM / Memory, Hard Drives, Batteries, Sound Cards, Wireless, CPUs, etc)
* Laptop Keyboard Repair & Replacements
* Laptop Software Installation & Upgrades
* Macbook Repair, Macbook Pro Repair, Apple Repair
* Netbook Repair, Tablet Repair, Computer Repair