Windows Repair Dallas

slow windowzs

Is your Computer running: Windows XP?

No problem! We can make it work faster and install a new Windows.

Commonly Supported Microsoft Issues:

  • Computer is slow or freezes
  • Computer will not boot up
  • Cannot access Internet or Email
  • Computer Virus/ Spyware
  • Laptop Shutdowns on its own
  • Hardware issues/ Software Issues.

We will work around your schedule.  You may schedule for one of our Computer repair  service experts to come to our office and  you may drop in anytime at our PC repair shop at 2629 N Stemmons .  Either way, you will get a certified Windows PC repair expert take care of your Microsoft issue.

Computer repair in Dallas fixes any of your computer problems. We provide services like:

  • format computer
  • software installation
  • Hardware installation
  • Hardware / software diagnosis
  • Windows XP installation
  • Winodws 7 installation
  • Windows 8 installation
  • Windows 10 Upgrade
  • Tune-up Computer-PC
  • Hardware changes


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Dallas Texas 75207

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